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IN BRIEF - Fewer sharks equals fatter fish, research shows

Friday, April 21, 2017

As shark populations decline, fish face less pressure from the top of the food chain. As a result, new research shows, fish are getting fatter.

Researchers from the University of Western Australia and the Australian Institute of Marine Science studied fish behavior in Rowley Shoals and Scott Reefs. The former, a marine preserve, hosts healthy shark populations. The latter, an atoll-like reef off the northern coast of Australia, is a popular location for shark fishermen from Indonesia.

The team of scientists observed reef fish spending more time hunting and feeding in the water column near Scott Reefs, where sharks are rare. Spending time in the water column puts fish at risk of ambush, but it's also home to more energy-rich prey.

Source: UPI

IN BRIEF - US cautions VN seafood exporters against unregulated fishing

Thursday, October 19, 2017

HCM CITY - The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has urged Vietnamese seafood processors, importers and exporters to fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, following a new rule that takes effect in 2018.

The remark was made during a seminar on the Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP) held on Wednesday in the city by NOAA and the Vi?t Nam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP).

Speaking at the seminar, Heather Brandon, international fisheries and marine mammal specialist from the US, said: “Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing and seafood fraud threatens valuable natural resources that are critical to global food security, which puts law-abiding fishermen and seafood producers, here in the US and abroad, at a disadvantage.”

Source: Viet Nam News

IN BRIEF - Ministry on oil spill: Fish safe to eat

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Although the waters in the north western peninsula are still polluted following an oil spill, the Ministry of Health has assured that fish on sale in the north west is safe to eat.

A press release from the ministry yesterday said that officials visited 42 fish and seafood vendors to see how healthy were items being offered for sale.

Fishermen were also briefed on measures to provide safe seafood to the public.

The exercise was done in response to news of the oil spill which covered waters in the north west since last Saturday. The ministry warned that events like an oil spill could negatively affect the quality of seafood.

People were warned they should not buy fish if it has a disagreeable or oily smell, if it feels oily to the touch or if there are oily deposits on the surface of the item.

Source: News Day

IN BRIEF - Will tilapia buoy fish farming along Kenyan coast?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

MOMBASA - Kenyan maritime scientists said Tuesday 17th of October 2017 the introduction of tilapia, a fresh water species, to marine waters along the Kenyan coast will help local fish farmers increase output and tap export markets.

Two experts from Kenya Marine Research Institute, James Mwaluma and David Mirera, told Xinhua during an interview in the coastal city of Mombasa that the introduction of tilapia into the coastal waters will relieve farmers of shortage of fish for seed and food.

He said fish farming in marine waters referred to as mariculture has been going on for quite a while in the Kenyan coast but a lack of profits and poor sustainability prompted the search for fresh ideas that would add value to fish farming.

"The practice has not been as lucrative and sustainable as was envisaged which led us to borrow best practices from China to reduce pressure on marine resources for communities living along the Indian Ocean," Mirera said.

Source: New China

IN BRIEF - This Startup Turns Climate Pollution Into Fish Feed

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Off the coast of Senegal, where large Chinese ships now catch as much fish in a week as Senegalese fishing boats can catch in a year, the population of mackerel and sardines is dwindling. In Peru, home to the world’s largest fishery of a small fish called anchoveta–once fished with no restrictions–the government has spent the last several years retraining 2,000 fishermen in new jobs to help curb overfishing. In the U.S., the West Coast sardine fishery was closed in 2017 for the third year in a row because of a crash in sardines.

Each fishery provides at least a portion of its catch to be made into fishmeal, small pellets of protein and nutrients that are used as food for livestock and fish farms. If demand for seafood for humans is growing quickly, so is demand for fish fed to other fish. Aquaculture production has more than doubled since 2000. Recognizing that the ocean can’t keep up, one startup is working on making fish feed from another source: carbon dioxide.

“We can take untreated flue gas from various industrial emissions ... and just pipe it into our plant, rather than putting it in the atmosphere,” says David Tze, CEO of NovoNutrients, which is currently scaling up a system that it has proven works in a lab.

Source: Fast Company

IN BRIEF - Planned license lottery panned at scallop meeting

Thursday, October 19, 2017

ELLSWORTH - Three dozen or so scallop harvesters came to Ellsworth City Hall last Wednesday evening for a Department of Marine Resources hearing on new scallop fishing rules. The apparent average age in the room seemed to indicate that the fishery is indeed getting older.

As many as 600 harvesters may have Maine scallop licenses, and last year, roughly 450 of those license holders were active in the fishery. Most of them, as with those who took the time to attend the DMR hearing, had spent long years in a fishery that little more than a decade ago was at the point of collapse but that last year saw landings of nearly 538,000 pounds of scallop meats worth more than $6.8 million.

Despite the surge in landings, the DMR still maintains an active management program for the scallop fishery, limiting the length of the season, setting strict daily possession limits and closing or limiting access to wide stretches along the coast to both draggers and divers.

In 2009, the Legislature passed a moratorium on new scallop licenses. It also ordered the DMR to come up with a lottery system to allow new entrants into a fishery that Brooklin scallop dragger David Tarr described as a “club.”

Source: Mount Desert Islander

IN BRIEF - GLOBALG.A.P. Webinar on the responsible use of antibiotics on Livestock and in Aquaculture

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Livestock and Aquaculture Production – GLOBALG.A.P. Webinar on the Reduction of Antibiotic Use Via the Implementation of the Criteria of the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance Standard (IFA)-

The growing demand by processors, retailers and consumers to control and reduce the use of antibiotics in their production systems is a cause of concern to livestock and aquaculture producers.

Members of the supply chain are beginning to require antibiotic-free production systems and have started to sell meat and aquaculture products for consumption with the claim “Raised without Antibiotics”.

Public regulators such as the WHO are advocating global action to mitigate antibiotic resistances. This is due to the growing prevalence of bacteria with antibiotic resistances, such as MRSA and ESBL, and their impact on human health.

Press Release

IN BRIEF - VIDEO: Aquarium advocates responsible farming of the sea

Thursday, October 19, 2017

In recognition of October as National Seafood Month, Dr. Jerry Schubel, president and CEO of the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California, discusses the benefits of responsible marine aquaculture. In this three-minute opinion video, Dr. Schubel details how establishing this industry in the U.S. could create jobs, protect ocean ecosystems, lessen our environmental impact, rebuild wild fisheries, and end our reliance on seafood from dubious sources.

Press Release

IN BRIEF - Victorian Aquaculture Mussels Up With New Sites

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Victoria’s mussel growing industry in Port Phillip and Western Port is set to expand following the allocation of 65 hectares of water to six operators.

Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford said the recent public tender process, managed by the Victorian Fisheries Authority, saw significant interest from local mussel growers keen to take on more sites to expand production.

Victoria’s annual production of mussels is more than 1,000 tonnes, is worth over AUD 3 million and is on the rise thanks to increasing exports to Asia and America, which supporting jobs in regional Victoria.

Port Phillip and Western Port are the home of shellfish aquaculture in Victorian. The industry has been established for over 30 years and has a proven track record of growing premium quality seafood.

Source: Premier of Victoria

IN BRIEF - Japanese fisheries giant casts net in Urk

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Japanese-based fisheries multinational Maruha Nichiro has strengthened its position in the Dutch fish market with the purchase of Weerstand Foods, one of the biggest fish processors in the country and based on the island of Urk in the IJsselmeer.

Maruha Nichiro, the biggest fisheries concern in the world, bought Weerstand through its Dutch subsidiary Seafood Connection, the Financieele Dagblad has reported. Financial details were not disclosed.

The new Dutch combine Seafood Weerstand will have annual revenues of EUR 215m. The Urk firm was set up by the Weerstand family 30 years ago. It has a payroll of 112 and annual sales of EUR 30m. 

Source: Dutch News

IN BRIEF - Fisheries dept. cancels registration, licence of gillnet boat

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

In an official statement, the authorities said the boat, owned by Kanyakumari Thuthoor native P. Naziyan, was blacklisted by the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission.

The Indian Navy had issued a lookout notice against it. The boat was seized on October 9 from the Thoppumpady fishing harbour when it was about to set sail after filling ice.

According to Fisheries Department Deputy Director S. Mahesh, the Tuna Commission had blacklisted the vessel for adopting banned fishing methods on the maritime border without licence.

Source: The Hindu

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IN BRIEF - VIDEO: Aquarium advocates responsible farming of the sea
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IN BRIEF - GLOBALG.A.P. Webinar on the responsible use of antibiotics on Livestock and in Aquaculture
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