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IN BRIEF - Sri Lankan fishermen being strangled by fuel costs

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Rising fuel prices have led to widespread protests by unionized fishermen in Sri Lanka, many of whom have refused to head out to sea since May 14 2018 as they demand the government heed their call to keep a lid on the cost of kerosene and petrol.

As part of their demonstration they have also hoisted black flags on their boats and trawlers, forcing fish markets to close and leaving harbors full.

On May 10, the government increased the price of kerosene by USD 0.36 per liter, petrol by 20 rupees and diesel by 14 rupees.

Source: UCA News

IN BRIEF - BAP Seafood at Hitachi Cafeterias Marks Official Launch of BAP in Japan

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Japanese major electronics manufacturer Hitachi and Seiyo Food-Compass Group recently introduced shrimp and pangasius from Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)-certified facilities to employee cafeterias in Hitachi’s Ikebukuro, Japan, service center, the first time that BAP seafood has been marketed as such in Japan.

As part of its commitment to align its food sourcing policies with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Hitachi is working with its food service provider, Seiyo Food-Compass Group, to source seafood originating from BAP-certified processing plants and farms. Hitachi is committed to serve BAP seafood at its employee cafeterias once a month. Seiyo Food is one of Japan’s largest foodservice providers.

“The importance of sustainable seafood sourcing policies is rapidly progressing in Japan. That’s why we are excited to make this the first official launch of BAP in the Japanese market,” said GAA VP Steve Hart, who is leading GAA’s marketing efforts in Asia. “Through strong cooperation with Seafood Legacy, Hitachi and Seiyo Food, we were able to offer sustainably produced pangasius and shrimp to Hitachi employees in their cafeteria. Forward thinking companies like Hitachi and Seiyo-Food recognize the importance of strong partnerships with sustainability organizations and the assurances offered by independent certification programs like BAP. We look forward to a long relationship growing sustainability acceptance in Japan with these partners.”

Press Release: BAP

IN BRIEF - New Fisheries Protection Vessels mark launch of International Year of the Salmon

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It is estimated that 240,000 Atlantic salmon returned to Irish shores last year, according to Inland Fisheries Ireland.

The enduring Atlantic salmon populations in Irish waters were being highlighted at the launch of the International Year of the Salmon (IYS), which takes place in 2019. Sean Canney TD, Minister with responsibility for the inland fisheries sector, marked the launch by unveiling one of a new fleet of 12 RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) to highlight the importance of fisheries protection especially during migration along the coasts.

Atlantic salmon populations are widely distributed throughout Irish freshwaters with over 140 such systems designated as salmon rivers. While 240,000 Atlantic salmon returned to Ireland from the sea as part of the natural migration last year, representing the healthy condition of Irish river stocks, the numbers returning to Irish shores has decreased by over 70 per cent in recent decades. In the 1970s, the number of Atlantic salmon returning peaked at 1,800,000.

Source: Coast Monkey

IN BRIEF - Grim situation in coming year for northwest, B.C. fisheries

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

This year was tough for fishermen in northwest B.C., and while the stewards of the fishing industry hope that 2019 will bring improvements, they understand there are still many challenges to overcome.

“We’re hopeful that we won’t necessarily see the same kind of crisis-like conditions as this year, but we’re still looking at a grim situation for the coming year,” said Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) North Coast area director Colin Masson. “It might not be as bad as last year, but it’s still going to be difficult and these discussions are really important for moving forward.”

Masson presented at DFO’s annual post-season review on Dec. 6 and 7 2018. The review is a gathering of all parties with a stake or interest in how key decisions were made regarding fish stock in the northwest over the past year.

Source: The Interior News

IN BRIEF - Fishing sector asks Govt to reconsider ratifying ILO Fishing Convention

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Bangkok – Fishing operators have called on the Thai government to reconsider its decision to ratify a key international convention protecting workers’ rights, saying it hinders the Thai fishing industry.

200 fishing entrepreneurs from 22 provinces submitted a petition to the Ministry of Labor this past week, asking the administration to overturn its decision to ratify the International Labour Organization’s Convention on Work in Fishing (No. 188), citing the government’s failure to hold public hearings before the ratification, while raising a question as to why only 10 states out of 100 fish producing countries in the world adopted the agreement.

According to Permanent Secretary for Labor Jarin Chakkaphark, the petition contains three requests: 1) the government reconsiders the ratification, 2) a center and a committee be established to foster understanding of the issue, and 3) the government take into consideration people’s needs and problems and offer solutions accordingly.

Source: Pattaya Mail

IN BRIEF - Luke Pollard: British fishers are being betrayed. Labour will defend coastal communities

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I’m continually amazed by the way Michael Gove captures the headlines with big promises and frequently gets away with delivering absolutely nothing. Ever since the EU referendum, he has fed the UK’s fishing community a constant diet of grand promises for starters but measly portions of betrayal and delay for the main course. His Fisheries Bill offers more of the same, and it’s time we called it out for what it is.

As Labour’s shadow fisheries minister, it’s my job along with our excellent Shadow Environment Secretary, Sue Hayman, to hold Gove to account and seek to improve the laws he is haphazardly dragging through parliament.

Fishing and Brexit are interwoven, with the industry being the poster-child of the leave campaign. The industry’s very valid grievances with the Common Fisheries Policy chimed with those who believed we could take back control of our waters in the referendum. It’s a growing industry supporting thousands of jobs in fish handling and processing, but also with a knock-on effect on the economic health of coastal communities up and down the country.

Source: Labour List

IN BRIEF - Scottish Secretary welcomes bolstered Fisheries Bill and funding

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Scottish Secretary David Mundell visited Peterhead fish market this morning (Monday 10 December 2018) and announced that the UK Government will table an amendment to legislation which will enshrine its commitment to secure a fairer share of fishing opportunities for UK fishermen.

Mr Mundell also announced GBP 37.2m of extra funding to boost the UK fishing industry during the Implementation Period. Scotland’s share of this funding would be GBP 16.4 million.

Source: Gov UK

IN BRIEF - New warm ocean Blob could affect Southeast winter weather, fisheries

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Blob could be back. Or, maybe it’s the Son of Blob.

Either way, the warm water phenomenon first discovered in the North Pacific five years ago is slowly reemerging in the Gulf of Alaska.

Although it doesn’t appear to be as strong as the original, it could still affect weather and fisheries in Southeast Alaska.

Nick Bond is the Washington state climatologist who coined the name “the Blob” when he discovered the original patch of warm water emerging in late 2013.

“For the Gulf of Alaska, I would say it’s mostly, if not entirely new,” Bond said. “It might be a little bit of a different story for the Bering Sea.”

Source: KTOO

IN BRIEF - Why some Maine coastal communities are up in arms about aquaculture

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

From oyster farms to cultivated seaweed and farm-raised salmon, aquaculture is often described as essential to the economic future of Maine’s fisheries in the face of a changing ecosystem. Warming waters from climate change are pushing lobster farther Down East and have shut down the shrimp fishery, and threats such as ocean acidification and invasive green crabs are harming Maine’s natural fisheries.

But opposition to several proposed projects suggests the hardest part of getting into aquaculture might be getting past the neighbors. All along the coast, neighbors argue that pending aquaculture ventures will create too much noise, use too much energy, attract too many birds and obstruct their opportunities for boating or lobstering. One questioned whether an oyster farm would make it hard for deer to swim from one point of land to another.

In Belfast, abutters to the land where Nordic Aquafarms hopes to put in a giant land-based farm to raise salmon have filed a lawsuit against the city, which they say hastily and secretly approved a zoning change the company needed to move forward.

Source: Press Herald

IN BRIEF - Fishing industry wins EPA exemption for deck wash

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Gloucester fishermen and their contemporaries across the nation, following years of uncertainty, finally caught a break in the new federal law regulating incidental deck discharges from fishing vessels.

"It's been a ticking time bomb for the entire fishing industry in the U.S. This is such a game-changer." — Vito Giacalone, policy director for the Gloucester-based Northeast Seafood Coalition.

A provision within the new Vessel Incidental Discharge Act, signed into law last week by President Donald Trump as part of an omnibus Coast Guard bill, exempts commercial fishing vessels of all sizes and other vessels up to 79 feet in length from having to obtain a permit from the Environmental Protection Agency to cover incidental deck wash.

“Specifically, discharges incidental to the normal operation, except for ballast water, from small vessels (i.e., less than 79 feet in length) and commercial fishing vessels of all sizes no longer require National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit coverage,” the EPA said in its statement about the new law. “Thus, permit coverage for any vessel covered under the (Small Vessel General Permit) is automatically terminated.”

Source: Gloucester Times

IN BRIEF - University group presents research on sustainable fisheries

Monday, December 10, 2018

The University of Malta’s Conservation Biology Research Group (CBRG-UM) recently contributed six presentations at the second International Fisheries Symposium held in Cyprus. It presented re­search outcomes related to artisanal and recreational fisheries, biodiversity conservation, molecular genetic research applications in better identifying exploited and by-caught species and populations.

The symposium brought to­gether various scientific stakeholders from different parts of the world. It considered research on marine ecology, fish pathology and population health, impacts from various forms of pollution, the difficulties of artisanal fisheries and the improvement of species selectivity by commercial fisheries to reduce by-catch. Aquaculture of new marine organisms and reducing the impact on surrounding habitats was also considered.

Source: Times of Malta

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United States The US Department of Commerce has conferred North Carolina Government the fishery disaster declaration due to the damage that Hurricane Florence caused to its fisheries sector, a measure that will allow it to grant federal relief funds.
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