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Vital Choice Seafood Receives A 2020 MSC U.S. Ocean Champion Award
(8/20/2021) - UNITED STATES
AquaManager Partners With Leading Tilapia Genetics Company Spring Genetics
(8/18/2021) - GREECE
Seafood that Keeps you Coming Back for More!
(8/16/2021) - UNITED STATES
Delicious Fresh Fish Without Anything Extra
(8/13/2021) - FINLAND
American Unagi Breaks Ground on Land-based Eel Farm in Maine
(8/11/2021) - UNITED STATES
Fresh Seafood from the Fjords of Norway
(8/9/2021) - NORWAY
CLO-CLO™ Vegan Foods Debuts New Plant-Based Shrimp Entrée Bowls
(8/4/2021) - UNITED STATES
From the Most Pristine Waters in Australia
(8/2/2021) - AUSTRALIA
SeaPak Joins Forces with Ocean Conservancy’s Trash Free Seas Alliance® Just in Time for World Oceans Month
(7/28/2021) - UNITED STATES
Hygienic Freezing System from Starfrost Boosts Seafood Production in Norway
(7/26/2021) - UNITED KINGDOM
Introducing True Fin: Premium Gulf of Maine Seafood
(7/23/2021) - UNITED STATES
Summer Grilling Gets an Upgrade with SeaPak's Salmon Burgers
(7/21/2021) - UNITED STATES
Long John Silver's and Good Catch® to Launch Plant-Based Seafood at Select Locations
(7/19/2021) - UNITED STATES
Friend of the Sea Certifies SeaExpert for Sustainable Seaweed Production in the Azores.
(7/16/2021) - PORTUGAL
CELL AG TECH, Selected as a Semi-Finalist in U$15M XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion and Showcases Their Sushi Prototype
(7/14/2021) - CANADA
A Legacy of Sustainable Fish Farming
(7/12/2021) - NORWAY
Seafood From Scotland Launches Website to Promote Access and Traceability for US Customers
(7/9/2021) - UNITED STATES
Blue Star Foods Corp. Completes Acquisition of Taste of BC Aquafarms, Inc.
(7/6/2021) - CANADA
Northscope ERP Software Gives Its Food Manufacturing Users More Data Than Ever
(7/3/2021) - UNITED STATES
BlueNalu Announces Framework for Food Safety and Quality Assurance for Cell-Cultured Seafood, and Commitment to GFSI Third-Party Certification
(7/1/2021) - UNITED STATES

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As of Friday shrimp fishing is banned in Argentina
Argentina Given the evidence of the beginning of the shrimp reproductive process in the northern sector outside the closure and an upward trend in bycatch levels, the CFP (Federal Fisheries Council) decided tha...
Hradfrystihusid invests in Marel’s FleXicut system
Iceland The significant contract will increase automation, quality and yield The quick freezing plant Hradfrystihusid Ltd. (HG) and Marel have signed a significant contract to equip the processor with ...
'We intend Montevideo to be the base port of the fleet that operates in the South Atlantic'
Uruguay The president of the Uruguayan Port Administration said it before the presentation of the bidding documents for the exploitation of Puerto Capurro, built with the contribution of China. It offers trac...
U.N. chief urges world leaders to clinch WTO fisheries deal, document shows
Switzerland GENEVA (Reuters) - U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has written to world leaders calling on them to clinch a deal on curbing fisheries subsidies as negotiations near their final phase at th...