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Cermaq Launches iFarm Project in January
(12/16/2019) - NORWAY
Schmidt Ocean Institute Maps One Million Square Kilometers of Seafloor and Joins Monumental Mapping Initiative
(12/11/2019) - UNITED KINGDOM
Kraken to Supply Thrusters to Leader in Robotic Net Cleaners for the Aquaculture Industry
(12/9/2019) - CANADA
Geeks Without Frontiers Awarded for Developing Connectivity Solutions that Champion Human Rights and Prevent Illegal Fishing
(12/4/2019) - UNITED KINGDOM
Duke Moscrip Announces the Launch of the Duke's Sustainable Solutions Foundation
(12/3/2019) - UNITED STATES
Western Australia Octopus Earns the Blue Fish Tick for Sustainability
(11/29/2019) - AUSTRALIA
All Natural Sustainable Canned Seafood
(11/27/2019) - CANADA
Pacifico True Striped BassĀ® Now Certified By The American Heart Association
(11/25/2019) - MEXICO
Rianxeira Launches New Line of Sustainable Canned Tuna
(11/20/2019) - SPAIN
HiSea Project to Launch the First Prototype of a High-Resolution System Providing Data on Sea Water Quality
(11/18/2019) - FRANCE
Fishing Companies Donate Millions to New Kongsberg Fishery Simulator in Greenland
(11/15/2019) - DENMARK
Australian Seafood Companies Make a Splash in Silicon Valley
(11/13/2019) - AUSTRALIA
Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition Acquires Assets of Rangen, Inc.
(11/11/2019) - CANADA
Over Half of UK Consumers Want to Eat More Seafood
(11/7/2019) - UNITED KINGDOM
Natural Shrimp, Inc. Receives First USD 1,000,000 in Subscriptions
(11/6/2019) - UNITED STATES
Supporting Women into Aquaculture
(11/4/2019) - UNITED KINGDOM
Greenhead Lobster Partners with Hiperbaric to Expand Lobster Processing Business
(10/31/2019) - UNITED STATES
ORIVO has Entered a Strategic Collaboration with the World Class DNA Laboratory PatoGen
(10/30/2019) - NORWAY
Captain D's Tackles Expansion Across Two Regions With Multi-Unit Franchisees
(10/28/2019) - UNITED STATES
Eating Fish: What You Should Know This National Seafood Month
(10/25/2019) - UNITED STATES

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Peruvian seafood industry suspends exports to China due to coronavirus
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Squid exports to China still unaffected by coronavirus
Argentina Despite the outbreak of coronavirus that plagues the Asian country, squid exports have remained in a very similar level to the previous year and so far there was no drop in orders, although it is nece...
EU and nine countries discuss ways of managing the high seas of the Central Arctic Ocean (video)
European Union The EU organised and hosted a three-day meeting for scientists from the 10 signatories to the Agreement to Prevent Unregulated High Seas Fisheries in the Central Arctic Ocean. This agreement will ban ...
Statistics on catches of black cod (sablefish) GOA-BSAI (2018-19)
United States Population Level Alaska sablefish are below target level and Pacific coast sablefish are near target level. Fishing rates promote population growth Status According to the 2015 stock assessme...