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A Delicious, Surprising, Unbeatable Seafood Range
(11/19/2021) - SPAIN
SalMar Aker Ocean Established
(11/16/2021) - NORWAY
Finnforel to Invest EUR 45 Million in New Production Facilities
(11/15/2021) - FINLAND
Machine Connectivity with Smartbase
(11/12/2021) - ICELAND
Sustainable Packaging Solutions for the Fishing Industry
(11/10/2021) - SPAIN
Multi X Introduces Arka, World's First Salmon Brand with a Full Line of Ultra-Premium, ABF Salmon
(11/8/2021) - UNITED STATES
Bumble Bee Seafood Co. is Offering New Premium Products Under the Bumble Bee Prime Line
(11/5/2021) - UNITED STATES
Camanchaca Launches New Consumer Brand for Chilean Market
(11/3/2021) - CHILE
Forever Oceans Appoints Bill Bien as New CEO to Lead a New Phase of Growth
(11/1/2021) - UNITED STATES
Canned Fish of the Highest Quality
(10/27/2021) - SPAIN
Take your Seafood Brand to the Next Level
(10/25/2021) - NETHERLANDS
Low Carbon Fish Packaging Helps Business and the Climate
(10/22/2021) - FINLAND
Shandong's Rushan Leveraging Its 10 Billion-Dollar Oyster Industry
(10/20/2021) - CHINA
Blue Star Foods Corp. Advances Project to Develop First Full-Scale, Commercial Land-Based Aquaculture System
(10/18/2021) - UNITED STATES
Groundbreaking Automation in Fish Packing
(10/14/2021) - ICELAND
Sustainable Seafood Sales Reached an All-time High as Shoppers Cooked at Home in 2020-21
(10/12/2021) - UNITED KINGDOM
Alfa Laval Acquisition Strengthens its Sustainable Aquaculture Portfolio
(10/10/2021) - SWEDEN
The National Fisheries Institute Kicks Off Second Annual National Pescatarian Month
(10/6/2021) - UNITED STATES
The MSC Encourages Americans to Come Together For a Big Blue Future this National Seafood Month
(10/5/2021) - UNITED STATES
DanFish International Will be Held as an In-person Exhibition in October
(10/1/2021) - DENMARK

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Representatives of the Surface Longline warns of losses of more than two million euros due to the government's lack of coordination
Spain • The lack of interministerial coordination and the lack of responses generate insecurity, defenselessness and serious economic losses for the surface longline fleet as a whole. Vigo, Mar&iacu...
The highest quality cod in the world is back in season
Norway Skrei, as Norway’s migratory cod is known, has reached the shores of Northern Norway after its epic 1,000km journey from the depths of the icy Barents Sea. This journey is what gives these cod t...
The first auction celebrated side by side with the bagged Nagaramo
Japan Nagaramo harvested approximately 1 km offshore from the Ozakai fishing port and brought to the fishing port dock The harvest season for the winter flavor "Nagaramo", which is a seaweed that gro...
The accident leaves the shipowner with the highest towing quota in the entire Northwest without a boat
Spain The Serenín of Celeiro has the largest individual rights for mackerel and other species. For two years the owner can rent or sell them There were no human losses in the shipwreck of the Sere...