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Holland America Line Becomes First Global Cruise Line to Receive International Seafood Certifications
(4/10/2024) - UNITED STATES
Trout Fed with Algae and Insects
(4/8/2024) - CHILE
Bumble Bee Seafoods Announces New CEO
(4/4/2024) - UNITED STATES
Wild Tide Seafoods Delivers from the Harbor to Your Home
(4/1/2024) - UNITED STATES
Blue Star Foods Starts its Soft-Shell Crab Season
(3/27/2024) - UNITED STATES
New, Innovative Heat-and-Eat Offerings from Aquamar
(3/25/2024) - UNITED STATES
Latest Tech Installed at Mowi’s Scottish Salmon Processing Plant
(3/22/2024) - UNITED KINGDOM
Thai Union Launches New Initiative to Decarbonize Thai Shrimp Supply Chain
(3/20/2024) - THAILAND
Kroger Debuts New Our Brands Seafood Items
(3/18/2024) - UNITED STATES
Aruna Indonesia Announces Partnership with North Coast Seafoods to Vertically Integrate Blue Swimming Crabmeat from “Trap to Table”
(3/15/2024) - INDONESIA
DS Smith Unveils DryPack Solution in U.S. Market to Help Seafood Processors Phase out Plastic Container
(3/13/2024) - UNITED STATES
Pacific Seafood Releases Seventh Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report “Beneath the Surface”
(3/11/2024) - UNITED STATES
Sustainable Thermal Packaging Solutions that Saves you Money
(3/8/2024) - CANADA
Duravant Acquires German Equipment Manufacturer Henneken
(3/6/2024) - UNITED STATES
Antarctica Advisors Acts as Exclusive Investment Banking Advisor to CentSea in the Sale to Captain Fresh
(3/4/2024) - UNITED STATES
Grow-out Module, Fishmeal Plant Project, Ice Machine. What Else Will You See at Seafood Expo Eurasia?
(3/2/2024) - TURKEY
The NFI Sushi Council Begins Inaugural Year
(3/1/2024) - UNITED STATES
Seafood Expo North America Returning to Boston with Latest Innovations and Trends
(2/28/2024) - UNITED STATES
Australis Introduces A New Generation of Human-Grade Single Ingredient Pet Treats
(2/26/2024) - UNITED STATES
Consumers Reward Reliable Sustainability Certifications
(2/23/2024) - ITALY

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