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Almarai Approves Plans to Enter the Seafood Category
(6/20/2022) - SAUDI ARABIA
Síldarvinnslan has Made an Agreement to Purchase Shares in Arctic Fish Holding
(6/17/2022) - ICELAND
Innovative Packaging Solutions for Seafood
(6/15/2022) - GERMANY
Earth Ocean Farms Carries Out its Seventh Release of Juvenile Totoaba
(6/13/2022) - MEXICO
ASC Summer “Shrimp Summit” Gathering Will Unite Farmers, Retailers and Suppliers Around Certified Shrimp Production
(6/10/2022) - ECUADOR
Get More Sustainable for World Oceans Day
(6/8/2022) - CANADA
The Bumble Bee Seafood Company Hires New Vice President of Specialty Channels
(6/6/2022) - UNITED STATES
Fortune International Acquires North Bay Seafood Inc. to Strengthen Gulf States Distribution
(6/2/2022) - UNITED STATES
Groundbreaking Genetics Study Proves California White Seabass Hatchery a Success
(5/30/2022) - UNITED STATES
Salmon Evolution's Results for the First Quarter 2022
(5/25/2022) - NORWAY
Atlantic Canada to Host GSA’s GOAL 2023 Conference
(5/23/2022) - CANADA
First tilapia ShowHow in Latin America
(5/20/2022) - BRAZIL
aquaManager and Nueva Pescanova Group Leading Shrimp Sector’s Digital Transformation
(5/18/2022) - GREECE
Foodtech Startup Completes a EUR 3,2 million Pre-seed Round To Launch New Plant-Based Fish
(5/16/2022) - FRANCE
US Atlantic Scup Fishery Achieves MSC Certification
(5/11/2022) - UNITED STATES
amfori and Global Seafood Alliance GSA to Partner on Human Rights Due Diligence in Seafood
(5/9/2022) - UNITED STATES
Nomad Foods Highlights New Milestones for its Sustainability Strategy
(5/6/2022) - UNITED KINGDOM
Sirane's Packaging Solutions From Sea to Plate
(5/4/2022) - UNITED KINGDOM
Sitka Salmon Shares Scales Sustainable Supply Chain with Bold Commerce
(5/2/2022) - UNITED STATES
The Original Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition Returns
(4/27/2022) - ICELAND

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Korean octopus imports continue to rise
South Korea Frozen Octopus Imports/Amount Increase By July 2022, 724,699 tons of seafood were imported, of which 1,497 tons, or 0.21%, were imported for frozen octopus. In 2021, the previous year, 1,019 ton...
Costa Rica Finally Passes Tuna Reform Law
Costa Rica After three years of being bounced around between two sets of representatives from congress, the Tuna reform law finally became law. There are two parts of the law which are important to the sport fis...
FHF Project: Microbiological quality of whitefish roe
Norway Roe from whitefish is a product that many people are familiar with, but knowledge of how roe should be processed and looked after is less well known. What affects the quality of roe and what is partic...
Chinese Retailer Qdama Commits to Sourcing BAP Seafood
China The following is an excerpt from an article published by Global Seafood Alliance: Chinese retailer Qdama has pledged to source seafood from Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)-certified producers as&nbs...