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Catch │ Russia Far East | Salmon: pink, chum, sockeye, coho, king │ 2024 (Jun-12)

RUSSIAN FEDERATION | Sunday, June 23, 2024
Source: FIS by SeafoodMediaGroup  | Click to enlarge it   ...


Statistics │ Exports │ Frozen mackerel ( by country) │ 2022-23-24
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Statistics │ Export │Atlantic salmon: fresh and frozen │ week 23
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Statistics │ Export │ Frozen sockeye salmon │ Japan, China, South Kore
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Skretting Introduces New Feed Formulation Concept
Skretting launches AmiNova, a new feed formulation concept that allows even more precise nutrition, resulting in better utilisation, higher efficiency, and lower nutrient release to the environment.
FDO Showcases Range of Seafood Products at HORECA Oman 2024
Fisheries Development Oman presents a variety of fresh, locally sourced, high-quality seafood products tailored for the hospitality, restaurant, and catering industry at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Atlantic Sapphire Further Reduces Carbon Footprint by Joining Esteemed FPL Solar Together Program
The company has annonced that it will be joining the Florida Power & Light Company SolarTogether Program in an effort to decrease its electric carbon footprint by offsetting 45% of its total energy consumption with solar.
GSA Launches BAP Consumer Websites in French and German
The new sites contain information on the BAP certification program, information about aquaculture, seafood recipes and nutritional information about seafood’s positive effect on health and wellness.
India’s seafood exports reach record high
India Frozen shrimp continued to be the top export item, both in quantity and value India's seafood exports achieved a record high in volume for the financial year 2023-24, overcoming challenges in major e...
Norway, the UK, and the Faroe Islands Reach Mackerel Agreement
Norway Norway, Great Britain and the Faroe Islands have entered into an agreement on management, distribution and access to fishing for mackerel in each other's waters. "Great Britain and the Faroe I...
Southeast Pacific Squid Index: Giant squid (dosidicus gigas)
China In order to continuously enhance the ability to control squid resources and price influence, and conduct more accurate resource assessment and forecasting, the China Ocean Fisheries Association&n...
Illegal and unregulated fishing: Argentina takes a fundamental step to protect mile 201
Argentina The country signed a key agreement to protect marine diversity in the high seas, an area that does not have an international conservation framework. Foreign Affairs Minister, Mrs. Diana Mondino sig...