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Southwest Atlantic Squid Index: Illex Squid (Illex Argentinus)

CHINA | Friday, September 22, 2023
In order to continuously enhance the ability to control squid resources and price influenc...


Are Restored and Natural Oyster Reefs In Long Island Sound Healthy?
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Fishermen challenge the idea of a biodiversity crisis in Scotland’s se
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Shares of the Zhatai shipyard will be transferred to Yakutia, subject
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Sealord to Become New Zealand’s Biggest Seafood Business
Deepwater fishing company Sealord has entered into an agreement to acquire privately-owned Independent Fisheries - the largest financial transaction in the seafood sector since the Sealord deal in 1992.
Giving New Life to Discarded Fishing and Fish Farming Equipment
Nofir collects discarded equipment from fishing and fish farming around the world: the end product is a raw material for the recycling industry which is used in a wide variety of applications.
Clean Net 24/7: Better for the Fish and Your Profitability
AQUA ROBOTICS has developed HALO, the first fully automated net-cleaning solution for the aquaculture industry, a system which cleans both the inside and outside the of the net simultaneously.
New Champion Trawl Door from Morgère Delivers Fishing Benefits
Morgère has developed a versatile new trawl door which the company describes as one of the most powerful demersal doors on the market, offering the benefits of a wide net opening, good fuel economy and ease of operation.
The European Commission launched the new season of the #TasteTheOcean campaign
European Union The Commission launched a new season of the #TasteTheOcean campaign, bringing sustainable fish and seafood to the tables of 9 EU countries for the following 4 weeks.       ...
Tilapia market: Price reaction and advances on the horizon
Brazil See how the week went in the fish market and what the prospects are for the aquaculture sector in Brazil In a scenario that reminds us of a déjà vu similar to that experienced in August...
More than 70 Chinese ships have entered Peru without the satellite device required by the norm
Peru The following is an excerpt from an article published by Mongabay: Experts say that between June and August, some 75 Chinese vessels entered Peruvian ports, supposedly to change crew and renew docume...
Canadian Government Goes Against Scientific Advice On Herring Fishery
Canada In what can only be seen as a blow to the Canadian herring population, Fisheries and Oceans Canada DFO announced a much larger herring quota than anticipated. Scientists and environmental groups ...