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Gulf of Mexico shrimp landing reaches historically high levels in April

UNITED STATES | Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Landing of shrimp caught in the Gulf of Mexico for April reached 5.3 million pounds, which is well above historic norms, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Propesca advances in fish processing innovation
Spain | 01:20 | Fisheries and marketing companies, naval technological auxiliaries and research organizations have been involved since 2015 in a project whose main objectives are to find ways to preserve the quality of fishery products captured through improvements in the handling processes. Full Story
Greenland halibut fishery obtains first MSC certification
Greenland | 00:40 | The West Greenland offshore Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) fishery has become the first worldwide to obtain Marine Stewardship Council certification. Full Story
New tool presented to combat IUU fishing
Ecuador | 23:30 | Fourteen tuna fishing, processing and capture companies were informed in Manta on the Integrated Aquaculture and Fisheries System, an additional tool with which the fishing authorities intend to combat illegal IUU fishing in the country. Full Story
First-of-its-Kind Oyster Shell Recycling Program Launches in Alabama
The Alabama Coastal Foundation and Republic Services, Inc., a leader in the recycling and waste services industry, are pleased to announce a partnership in support of the Alabama Oyster Shell Recycling Program, the first-of-its-kind in the local area.
DHL Optimizes Seafood Cold Chain from North Cape to U.S.
DHL Global Forwarding, the air and ocean freight specialist of Deutsche Post DHL Group is going to accelerate the supply chain for the North-Norwegian seafood industry.
Sea to Table Launches the First National Home Delivery Service
Sea to Table launches the first national Home delivery service, providing exclusively U.S. wild-caught, traceable, restaurant-quality seafood direct to home cooks.
Best First Quarter Result in the History of NRS
Norway Royal Salmon group delivers a new record quarterly result due to high salmon prices, and that Region South and the Sales business deliver strong results.
IOTC takes action in Indonesia
United Kingdom Decision makers meeting at the annual session of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission in Indonesia considered 16 proposals aimed at enhancing the management of the tuna fisheries in the Indian Ocean, which was encouraging by the International Pole & Line Foundation.
DHL Global Forwarding to keep the Norwegian seafood moving
Norway DHL Global Forwarding is to accelerate the supply chain for the North Norwegian seafood industry by shipping live crabs and seafood from the Lakselv Airport Banak in Northern Norway to Asia and Northern America.
ISSF’s report highlights tuna fishery sustainability progress
Worldwide The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation has released its 2016 annual report outlining tuna sustainability achievements and arguing for continuous improvement of global tuna fisheries through collaboration and advocacy.
President Trump's budget proposal threatens key ocean programs
United States President Trump has released his proposed budget for funding the federal government for fiscal year 2018, including deep cuts to many ocean programs, which Oceana says would threaten marine life and coastal economies.