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DENOUNCES EL PAIS: Foreign fishermen disembark in the port one dead crew member per month

URUGUAY | Monday, November 19, 2018
Montevideo - The fishing boats that arrive at the port of Montevideo come full of sur...


Technology promoted for farming freshwater shrimp and Pacific fat slee
Mexico | 08:10 | Some thirty national researchers were invited to promote the technology of freshwater shrimp and Pacific fat sleeper, native species of the Pacific that could be an economic and consumer option among inhabitants of the Mexican coasts. Full Story
Fishermen granted funds to mitigate problems caused by sea lions
Chile | 08:00 | Nearly 4,000 artisanal fishermen from Los Lagos Region obtained public funds amounting to USD 484,000 to carry out mitigation initiatives against the sea lion issue. Full Story
Aid for eels to go along their lengthy journey
United Kingdom | 07:40 | The Environment Agency has built a fish pass intended to help fish and eels navigate safely over the weir structure on the River Colne, in Essex. Full Story
Freshwater Crayfish Eco-Farm
Nord Eco is a unique Israeli freshwater crayfish eco-farm, the only crayfish hatchery in the Middle East region producing live crayfish for local clients, such as restaurants and retail companies, and craylings to farmers worldwide.
NaturalShrimp Announces Final Tests on its Indoor All-Natural Patented System to Grow Top-Grade Shrimp Without Toxic Chemicals
The company today announced it is running final tests on its new and improved patented system at its production facility, this technology ensures that harmful organisms cannot destroy the shrimp.
Mintec's New Commodity Procurement Platform Set to Transform Negotiations Between Buyers and Sellers
Mintec, the leading independent provider of food and associated raw material pricing data, has launched a new platform for procurement professionals, powered by Robotic Process Automation.
Actemsa Achieves Certification for Sustainable Tuna Sourcing
Spanish import export seafood company ACTEMSA achieves Friend of the Sea certification for traded skipjack, yellowfin and bigeye tuna that originates from approved pole and line and purse seine fleets
Two lawsuits filed in New York for fraudulent canned octopus in sauce
United States Two class action lawsuits filed with the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, claim that the canned octopus of the Roland Food and Iberia Foods brands is actually made of giant squid (Dosidicus gigas), a cheaper seafood and least requested.
Climate change and fishing could change Alaska pollock spawning time
United States A team of researchers determined that spawning time of Alaska pollock varied by as much as three weeks over the past three decades in the Gulf of Alaska and attribute these changes to the effect of climate and fishing.
Coercive collection denounced to fishing companies for 'arbitrary' sanctions
Peru The National Society of Industries denounced the start of coercive collection against three fishing companies carried out by the Ministry of Production.
Seafish on Brexit and how to allow goods to circulate freely around the EU27 and the UK
United Kingdom Seafish has released a post-Brexit free trade agreement guide to processors following the decision taken by the United Kingdom’s Government to settle a Free Trade Agreement with the EU, maintaining the current trade and tariff arrangements.