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Gov. Scott applauds fish hatchery system

UNITED STATES | Saturday, September 23, 2017
At a recent press conference, Gov. Phil Scott recognized a series of staff-led energy efficiency projects across Vermont's fish hatchery system, which will generate at least USD 1.4 million in energy savings and substantially reduce the hatcheries' carbon footprint for years to come.


Chinese state-owned company builds tilapia farm
Angola | 00:00 | Some 200 tilapia ponds are being built in the town of Barra de Dande, Bengo province (north of Luanda), by the Chinese company RSI Su-Lda, for USD 1 million, according to company spokesperson in statements to Agence Angola Press news agency Full Story
Iceland makes bigger profit from warming oceans as fish swim north
Iceland | 22:00 | Until about 2000, mackerel were a rare sight in Iceland, an island whose people have survived for centuries by fishing but today they are one of the country's most commercially important fish, both in terms of value and volume. Full Story
Seafood stocks surge as salmon producer eyes Norway listing
Chile | 21:50 | Shares in Chilean fishing companies surged on Thursday after salmon producer Pesquera Camanchaca SA said it was eyeing a listing in Norway, bringing a rare bout of attention to the illiquid sector. Full Story
The Co-op Launches Sustainable Farmed Salmon Initiative
UK supermarket The Co-operative has launched a new Scottish Salmon Farming Group, an initiative that forms part of its commitment to selling responsibly-sourced fresh seafood.
Seafood Watch Recommends B.C. Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon as a Good Alternative
Seafood Watch has indicated that this improved rating is due to an increase in independent, transparent, peer-reviewed data on the subject of disease transfer between farmed Atlantic salmon and wild salmon populations in BC.
Alimentsa Approved to Join BioMar
The acquisition of Alimentsa is now completed and will position BioMar among the leading shrimp feed producers in Latin America creating synergies toward existing business.
Bristol Bay Sockeye Fishermen Harvest 37 Million Sockeye
Bristol Bay, Alaska, which is home to the largest wild sockeye salmon fishery in the world, yielded a harvest of over 37 million sockeye salmon this year.
105 people poisoned with histamine in tuna uncover suppliers’ fraud
Spain The Civil Guard has investigated 7 people as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health with food products, the crime of documentary misrepresentation and a crime related to consumers.
EUR 700,000 fine for illegal cargo deemed a wrong signal to global market, Oceana
European Union The Spanish National Court has ordered the payment of EUR 700,000 to a Chinese company in compensation for a cargo of illegally-caught Patagonian toothfish, which Oceana and Sea Shepherd consider wrong signal to fishermen and the global fish market.
Ocean-dwelling and freshwater fish sensitivity to climate change varies
Worldwide In the first analysis of how vulnerable the world's freshwater and marine fishes are to climate change, researchers at the University of Washington have found that sensitivity to temperature changes varied greatly between ocean-dwelling and freshwater fish.
Galician fleet aims to improve hake quota in Mauritania fishing grounds
Spain The Galician fleet operating in the Mauritania fishing zone is confident that it will be able to increase its fishing opportunities in the fishing grounds after the negotiations between the African country and the EU, as next week the Joint Commission will be held in Brussels.