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Coalition to train Pacific Islands new fisheries leaders

FIJI | Thursday, September 20, 2018
A new generation of fisheries leaders across the Pacific Islands region is to be trained by a consortium of educators and international policy experts.


Two new fish processing plants start operations in Walvis Bay
Namibia | 01:30 | The recent opening of a fresh fish factory, an ice plant and a squid factory, apart from a jetty construction, at Walvis Bay represent a significant capital investment in Namibia's fishing sector as well as the creation of about 400 new permanent jobs. Full Story
Innovative user-friendly software contributes to sustainable aquacultu
Denmark | 00:20 | Leaders in aquaculture innovation in Denmark have launched a new project aimed at developing a new innovative software tool for targeting an improved environmental footprint and optimising processes in fish farming. Full Story
French cannery strengthens its presence in Morocco with new plant
Morocco | 23:50 | French seafood cannery Chancerelle is to open a second EUR 4 million plant in Laayoune, southern Morocco, for its Connetable sardine brand. Full Story
Umitron Expands Early Stage Funding and Starts Data Service for Aquaculture Insurance
Aquatech startup Umitron raises USD 2,688,000 in latest round bringing total funding to USD 11,000,000 and starts demonstrating new service to provide reliable data for aquaculture insurance.
Data Ecosystem For The Global Seafood Industry
Fishcoin has been designed as a peer-to-peer network that allows independent industry stakeholders to harness the power of blockchain using a shared protocol so that data can be trusted, transparent, and secure.
Sustainable Omega 3 Consumption: A Positive Trend Set to Increase
The size of the global omega 3 supplement industry has grown enormously in recent years, international ecolabel Friend of the Sea shares data about the rise in certified fish oil companies in 2018.
Experts in Seafood Packaging
Flair provides a comprehensive stock program to allow for lower-cost options, to create unprinted packaging ready-for-labeling, or to accommodate faster turn-around times.
Indigenous chiefs request fishing rights in Nova Scotia marine protected areas
Canada Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq chiefs consider Indigenous fishermen should be exempt from any fishing ban within marine protected areas (MPA) because of First Nations' treaty rights.
What will Tesco’s discounter brand Jack’s look like?
United Kingdom Tesco is readying the launch of Jack’s, its much-anticipated discounter that will challenge Aldi and Lidl.
The French and the British agree to end ‘Scallop War’
France A deal has been reached between French and British fisherman to end the dispute over scallop fishing in the English Channel, which will be passed on to authorities in the two countries to be finalised.
Taiwanese fishing vessel involved in labour abuse operated from Uruguay
Taiwan Taiwan-flagged fishing vessel Fuh Sheng 11, target of several accusations on the waters off South Africa, such as labour abuse, overfishing and shark finning, operated in 2017 from Montevideo, Uruguay.