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Australian sustainable fishing companies Austral and Raptis upgrade to AuraNow VSAT

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Satcom Global announced that Australian fishing companies Austral and Raptis, have upgrade...


Combination of passive fishing and aquaculture at sea one step closer
Belgium | 08:00 | SYMAPA project delivers innovations in shellfish farming, toolkit of successful baiting te... Full Story
Havforskningsinstituttet research: Lobsters in reserves grow faster
Norway | 07:00 | In the past, it was thought to be the opposite: that more food means lower growth. Bu... Full Story
Wärtsilä partners with cleantech start-up Hycamite to jointly develop
Finland | 07:00 | The technology group Wärtsilä has entered into a joint development agreement wit... Full Story
Advancing Fish Processing with the Latest in the FleXicut Family
Supplying increased automation for more precision, flexibility and control when portioning, the new additions to the Marel's FleXicut family are ready to make the best use of your raw material. 
Bespoke Systems Targeting the Harsh Environments in Seafood Processing
The GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoformer can be configured with special corrosion resistant tooling, allowing it to resist commonly used corrosive wash down procedures and the harsh, salty environments in which marine packaging facilities are commonly located.
Experts in Taylor-Made Seafood Products
A continuous changing market scenario, more demanding consumers and the growth of private label: these are the main aspects that SIA & Conserviera Adriatica has selected as main points for its current food service offer.
High Quality Pouches that Preserve and Protect Fish and Shellfish
Flexipol's food grade vacuum bags and barrier pouches preserve and protect fish and shellfish, and are designed to extend product shelf life, preserve flavour, maintain quality and control aroma.
Disclosed: Changes in China's High Seas Fishing patterns | South Pacific vs. South Atlantic geopolitics
Worldwide   In 2020, a fleet of 300 industrial Chinese 'jiggers' fishing near Galapagos Is. reached worldwide news because of a fake picture taken in the  South Atlantic, since then, a few things cha...
Sustainable fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Seas: New updates to 2023 fishing opportunities proposal
European Union Today, the European Commission completed its proposal for the 2023 fishing opportunities in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, adopted on 14 October 2022.    It added the elements missing...
Seafood exports continue to fall
Argentina Both in volume and in currencies, the cumulative drop from January to October was 9.5% according to CAPECA's monthly report. The shrimp in all its presentations was the product that received the gre...
UK reaches deal with Norway to secure opportunities for UK fishing industry
United Kingdom The UK has reached an agreement with Norway to secure increased opportunities for the UK fishing industry in 2023. UK fishing vessels will have access to key fish stocks under the n...