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Brown seaweed harvest quota set

PERU | Saturday, October 22, 2016
The Ministry of Production has set the collection quota for the brown seaweed Lessonia trabeculata at 28.677 tonnes for the year 2016.


EC adopts new discard plans for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
European Union | 00:40 | The European Commission has adopted two Delegated Regulations establishing discard plans for certain demersal fisheries in the Mediterranean and in the Black Sea. Full Story
Punjab to subsidy shrimp production to boost the sector
India | 22:50 | Punjab Government intends to implement a series of measures to boost shrimp production in the state, including granting a 50 per cent subsidy. Full Story
Spanish mackerel quota increased 8pc for 2017
Spain | 21:50 | The meeting of the coastal States of the Commission for East Atlantic Fisheries to set 2017 mackerel TAC, held in London, ended with the decision to increase by 14 per cent the total allowable catches, to 1,020,996 tonnes. Full Story
US Foods Agrees To Acquire Save On Seafood
US Foods has announced that it has agreed to acquire Save On Seafood, a seafood processor and distributor in St. Petersburg, Florida with annual sales of more than USD 80 million.
Canadian Sturgeon & Caviar Aquires Breviro Caviar
The company saves 16,000 shortnose sturgeon from going to waste and launches a Kickstarter Campaign to help finance the turnaround.
A Singular ShowHow for Whitefish Producers
On November 10th whitefish processors from around the world will attend Marel’s Whitefish ShowHow in Copenhagen for hands-on demonstrations of the latest advances in whitefish processing.
Fish Scaler in Chile is Processing 2,000 Salmon per Shift
Ryco's 677 Salmon Scaler, operating in a remote area of Chile, was recently described to be "the best in the market" by the processor.
Plankton shows oceans are responding to climate change
New Zealand Victoria University of Wellington scientists have concluded that the appearance of plankton white blooms in the eastern area of New Zealand suggests the ocean is responding to climate change.
Relief about EU’s decision not to ban American lobster exports
Canada The European Commission informed Sweden it will not propose American lobster (Homarus americanus) be listed as invasive but it will instead pursue measures less likely to disrupt trade.
Fish sauce reported to contain excessive arsenic
Viet Nam A study performed by the Vietnam Standards and Consumers Association determined that nearly 70 per cent of fish sauce samples taken contains excessive amounts of arsenic.
The EU proposes global deal to limit fisheries subsidies
European Union The EU proposes to curb subsidies causing overfishing in WTO countries, but its proposal foresees flexibility for developing countries and takes account of the needs of fishing communities in least developed and developing countries.