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Pucusana: relegated fishing activity

PERU | Sunday, May 22, 2022
Pucusana has an area of ??37.84 square kilometers and has approximately 17,000 inhabitants...


Weekly catches │ GOA/BSAI | Black cod / sablefish | 2021-22
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Alaska pollock catches in season A (DAP in NMFS count) | week 18
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DAP at BSAI-GOA | Atka Mackerel, Dusky Sole, Yellowfin Sole and Pacifi
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First tilapia ShowHow in Latin America
Marel hosted the first tilapia processing ShowHow in Latin America where the FilleXia was the star of the show, responding to the growing tilapia market, processors learned how production can be increased and facilitated with automation.
aquaManager and Nueva Pescanova Group Leading Shrimp Sector’s Digital Transformation
aquaManager, the leading aquaculture management software and the multinational seafood giant Nueva Pescanova Group, have announced the digitalization of production in the shrimp hatcheries of the group.
Foodtech Startup Completes a EUR 3,2 million Pre-seed Round To Launch New Plant-Based Fish
Less than six months after it was initially founded, the Seafood Reboot completes pre-seed round that will help the company finalize its R&D works and prepare the go-to market of its first-generation plant-based alternative seafood products.
US Atlantic Scup Fishery Achieves MSC Certification
The Marine Stewardship Council has announced that the Atlantic Scup bottom trawl fishery has achieved MSC certification for sustainable fishing practices.
Limitations in the norwegian snow crab catch
Norway The total Norwegian quota for catching snow crab is 6725 tonnes for 2022. The Ministry of Trade and Industry has asked the directorate to provide a comprehensive assessment of future catches of snow ...
The pole-and-line fleet denounces its helpless situation by not being able to fish in Senegal
Spain The Basque pole-and-line fleet has been moored in Dakar all year bearing expenses, but without income, due to the unilateral veto of Senegal Madrid - The Spanish Fisheries Confederation (CEPESCA) j...
Loophole leaves migrant crews open to systematic abuse
United Kingdom A report by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) claims that migrant fishermen working on UK vessels are vulnerable to systematic labour exploitation as the Government refuses c...
Critical time of shrimp fry production and sales in Qingpu, Shanghai
China Qingpu, Shanghai: Stabilize production, ensure supply, relieve difficulties and inject "core" power into the aquatic seed industry   At present, at the critical time of shrimp fry pro...