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Japan and Vietnam ink first maritime patrol ship deal as South China Sea row heats up

JAPAN | Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Japan has signed a ¥36.6 billion ($345 million) loan agreement with Vietnam to provide...


‘Calm before the storm’ for UK fishing fleet as 2019 economic estimate
United Kingdom | 00:10 | The first economic performance estimates for the UK fishing fleet in 2019 have been publis... Full Story
Has Putin turned the embargo into a good food deal?
Russian Federation | 00:10 | Russia has reduced food imports by a third For 6 years, this is how long the food embargo... Full Story
Japan's Kindai University changes sturgeons' sexes to female, could le
Japan | 15:00 | A new technique for sturgeon farming developed by Kindai University could greatly benefit ... Full Story
Friend of the Sea Certifies for Sustainable Seafood Production Freshé brand and EcoFish
EcoFish, a producer of environmentally sustainable seafood and all-natural artisanal tinned meals commits to practices that protect the marine environment.
Sturgeon Aquafarms and Marky's Begin Selling Domestic, Genuine Beluga Caviar
For the first time since 2005, the premier harvest of genuine beluga caviar has become available to American caviar enthusiasts both online on the Marky's website and offline stores.
Food Lion Announces New Sustainability Policies Bolstering Product Labeling and Animal Welfare
In its latest move to make its products and packaging more sustainable, Food Lion has announced new sustainability policies for genetically modified food and farm animal welfare.
Breakthrough for Pet Health and Sustainability
Veramaris® Pets, a new source of Omega-3 for pet food which provides twice as much EPA & DHA Omega-3 fatty acids compared to fish oil, has been launched by biotech Veramaris.
Pandemic threatens fishing industry in Edinburgh as catches plummet
United Kingdom The amount of seafood brought to shore in Edinburgh fell 87% in April and May. The fishing industry in Edinburgh has seen a dramatic decline during the coronavirus pandemic. The amount of seafood br...
Expert: Without updating the fleet, national quotas can go to other states
Russia Fed. If the national reserves of aquatic biological resources are not developed, other states will apply for the right to extract them The need for a large-scale renewal of the fishing fleet of Russia, th...
Press Release: A better take on toothfishing – right down the line (video)
Norway When asked why a group of Norwegians would go all-in for longline fishing in Antarctic waters, oceans apart from their North Sea home base, Arne Birkeland has a disarmingly sincere reply: “We ar...
The Barents Sea area increased the volume of fish catches and exports
Russia Fed. In the Murmansk region, in the first six months of 2020, the volume of fish catch increased. It amounted to 339.4 thousand tons, which is 1.5% compare previous year. This is evidenced by the data of t...