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La Pampilla, crime and punishment

PERU | Saturday, July 02, 2022
In our always convulsed country, the issue of the oil spill produced by the La Pampilla Re...


Salvage operation under way after fishing vessel capsizes off Cape Poi
South Africa | 07:00 | The following is an excerpt from an article published by Daily Maverick: What started as ... Full Story
Spain on the podium of the largest fish consumers in the world
Spain | 07:00 | The image of Norway as a great nation with a long tradition of fishing and the production ... Full Story
Norway Bringing salmon sushi to your bento box since the 1980s
Norway | 07:00 | Being able to celebrate World Sushi Day on the 18th June would not be possible without a n... Full Story
Current Foods Closes $18 Million Seed Round to Transform Its Seafood Alternative Into a Seafood Frontrunner
Investors in this round include Silicon Valley’s alt-meat early movers and cultural tastemakers, spanning sports and music, this round of funding will enable the company to reach more plates and fridges.
Grieg Seafood Welcomes the Salmon Farming Transition Process in British Columbia
With the renewal of the salmon farming licenses in BC, Grieg Seafood looks forward to work with all levels of Government, including First Nations partners, to find a common path forward for a thriving industry in the Province.
Chicken Of The Sea Frozen Foods Releases Its 2022 Seafood Industry Survey And Think Big Campaign
COSFF, the number 1 importer of shrimp and pasteurized crab meat in north America launches insights-based campaign to meet evolving market demands.
Abagold to Receive the Friend of the Sea Award for its Engagement in Sustainable Aquaculture Production
On the 25th of June Abagold will be recognised and receive the Friend of the Sea award for its engagement in sustainable aquaculture production, its renewable energy program and additional environmental awareness initiatives.
Alarm over demersal shutdown proposal
European Union European fishing industry representatives are sounding the alarm over the likelihood of the European Commission’s plans to shut down 94 sea areas across French, Spanish, Portuguese and Irish wat...
Cedepesca says that shrimp certification is closer
Argentina The entity pondered that INIDEP elaborated a limit reference point, the CFP incorporated abundance criteria for the opening and closing of subareas and increased ground controls in the first week of t...
WTO Agreement: 'Until a month ago subsidies for illegal fishing were allowed'
Argentina IUU Fishing specialist Milko Schvartzman reflected with REVISTA PUERTO on the scope of the recently approved agreement to eliminate fishing subsidies. We talked about the shortcomings, but also about ...
New shrimp prospecting and closure of subarea 15
Argentina Taking into consideration the biological data of the season that indicate the movement of shrimp north, it was decided to carry out a survey in subareas 11 and 12. Eight freezer vessels were designate...