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United States

Study predicts alarming krill drop by end of the century

UNITED STATES | Saturday, August 27, 2016
Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) habitat is undergoing a continuous deterioration process, which could lead to a reduction of up to 80 per cent by the end of the century.


New toxic microalgae species causing ciguatera discovered
Spain | 00:40 | Researchers at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography have discovered a new toxic microalgae species, a dinoflagellate of the genus Gambierdiscus. Full Story
Sustainable 'shrimp' developed from algae
United States | 23:50 | A San Francisco-based new venture has managed to develop realistic faux shrimp made in a laboratory from red algae and plants in an attempt to offset for certain issues arising from farming and importing the crustacean. Full Story
Mussel sector moves frantically before red tide
Spain | 22:50 | In recent weeks mussel landings in Galicia have strengthened, fearing that the advance of a new red tide episode can lead to massive Galician raft closure. Full Story
Traceability and Labeling Software for Seafood Processors
SIMBA’s Automated Real-Time Solution combines the latest technology with a flexible solution that resides on your plant floor to increase productivity and eliminate keyed data entry without changing your established processes.
Cargill’s 2016 Annual Report Highlights its Vision for Driving Change
Cargill shares in its 2016 Annual Report how it's navigating change, driving innovation and advancing sustainability.
Orkla Health Cod Liver Oil Confirmed Sustainable
The cod liver oil from Orkla Health is sourced from fresh livers of Arctic Norwegian cod fish, caught in the Northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean by Friend of the Sea approved fleets.
Young’s Gastro Inspiring Category Growth Through New Ways To Enjoy Fish
Proven to draw in new shoppers to the category, Gastro is one of the biggest success stories for frozen fish, and has one of the strongest repeat rates in the category.
Foodservice companies fail to offer sustainable seafood, Greenpeace states
United States A Greenpeace report denounces that some of the largest US foodservice companies are failing to provide consumers with seafood that meets basic standards for sustainability and social responsibility.
Aquaculture farm's requirements strengthened after EU’s warning
Viet Nam Vietnamese authorities have warned local aquaculture companies that they will not renew their export licenses unless the latter comply with safety standards following a recent warning from the EU.
Sockeye salmon return to the Frazer River hits record low
Canada Given the number of sockeye salmon return to the Fraser River is expected to hit a record low this summer, the Government has suspended all the fisheries of this resource, including commercial and indigenous fishing.
New tilapia reproducer centre will promote sustainable aquaculture
El Salvador The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock expects that a new centre specialising in tilapia breeding, built with aid from the government of China Taiwan, sets the foundations for a more profitable and sustainable production.