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Catch │ Mackerel │ Seiners, trawl │2020-21 │ week 36

NORWAY | Friday, September 17, 2021
Source: FIS by seafood.media | Click to enlarge it    editorial@sea...


Frinsa, a supplier of tuna to Lidl or Carrefour, had a turnover record
Spain | 07:00 | The Galician canning company earned 33 million last year, also a new record Frinsa del No... Full Story
Salmon fishing in the Far East: production volume exceeded 511 thousan
Russian Federation | 06:50 | The Pacific salmon catch in the Far East is ahead of the previous two years. As of Septemb... Full Story
Kamchatka salmon catches are 20% higher than expected
Russian Federation | 06:50 | The Kamchatka Fisheries Council summarized the preliminary results of the "red" ... Full Story
Nomad Foods and BlueNalu Collaborate to Introduce Cell-Cultured Seafood in Europe
The new collaboration between Nomad Foods and BlueNalu accelerates market development strategy for cell-cultured seafood in the region.
A Passion for Seafood
Green Ocean values not only quality, but also a responsible approach to its products, this is why Green Ocean consciously and actively sources all its products from an accredited sustainable supply.
Sustainable Seafood of Exceptional Quality
By selecting the best seafood in the oceans and farms worldwide, the Escal brand is a guarantee of exceptional taste and quality of sustainable seafood products.
The Excellency of the Tradition and Quality of Portuguese Canned Fish
Over the years, Briosa Conservas has been able to successfully combine the adoption of new production technologies to the knowledge and experience of the entire team, ensuring the continuity of the traditional Portuguese Canned Fish.
Eastern Kamchatka Pollock Fishery Received International Environmental Certification
Russia Fed. The Pollock Catchers Association (PCA) has successfully completed MSC certification of the trawl fishery for East Kamchatka pollock in the North Kuril area and the Petropavlovsko-Komandorskaya subarea...
A study shows notable differences in fishing catches recorded with electronic observation compared to manual methods
Spain Electronic observation systems on board fishing vessels (also known as Electronic Monitoring or EM) are the most accurate and reliable source of data for the development of selective fishing practices...
Auction prices for common squid (todarodes pacificus) frozen on board │OGI-HAKODATE markets
Japan   Source: FIS by seafood.media | Click to enlarge it        Source: FIS by seafood.media | Click to enlarge it    editorial@seafood.medi...
Growing demand for plant-based seafood analogues in North America
United States The distribution of plant-based seafood analogs in North America is growing, but the overall share of this category still represents a very small proportion of the total seafood market. Plant-based...