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Alaska considers squid fishery development proposal

UNITED STATES | Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Alaska Board of Fisheries is considering a proposal made by several fishermen to create a squid fishery in the Southeast area of the state. If adopted, it would lead to the development of a purse seine fishery for market squid (Doryteuthis opalescens).


Bidders in first horse mackerel auction double expected number
Chile | 01:00 | More than double the number of interested parties, compared to what the government had forecast, showed up to compete in the unprecedented tender for a significant volume of horse mackerel, one of the three main fisheries in the country. Full Story
Malasyan farmed tilapia not causing cancer, Govt ensures
Malaysia | 00:50 | The Malaysian Fisheries Department has ensured the tilapia produced in the country is safe to eat, rubbishing an allegation in the social media that the species consumption would cause cancer. Full Story
ANFACO-CECOPESCA participates in Seafood Tomorrow European project
Spain | 00:10 | ANFACO-CECOPESCA is participating in a European project to ensure the future of fishery product production and consumption in a reliable, sustainable and safe way. Full Story
Biomega Natural Nutrients Earns Sustainable Certification for Omega-3
The Spanish Omega-3 manufacturer has achieved Friend of the Sea's certification for its soft gel capsules, the oil extracted from anchoveta fished in the South East Pacific Ocean.
Camanchaca Obtains Sustainable Certification for Fish Meal and Fish Oil
Compañía Pesquera Camanchaca has achieved Friend of the Sea's certification for fish meal and fish oil from anchoveta and mackerel fished in the South East Pacific Ocean.
Eco-friendly, Biodegradable and Edible Seaweed Packaging
Indonesia´s startup Evoware is relying on its biodegradable farmed seaweed alternative to plastic packaging to reduce contamination of the environment.
SeaPak Frozen Seafood For a Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining
As America's No. 1 shrimp brand in frozen specialty seafood, SeaPak has an impressive lineup of tasty frozen products designed to bring restaurant-quality options to holiday entertainers across the country.
Snake River salmon and steelhead recovery plans launched
United States NOAA Fisheries has launched recovery plans for federally protected Snake River chinook salmon and steelhead intended to make sure each species is self-sustaining in the wild.
Foreign boats allowed to fish in Australian waters, expert warns
Australia A leading fisheries expert and conservationists have expressed concern about changes in the law related to marine protections from remote waters off the Australian coast.
DFO seeks to apply fines instead of charges for minor fisheries violations
Canada As part of its enforcement approach, Fisheries and Oceans Canada is currently seeking the public’s opinion on its plans to expand the use of tickets for minor fishing violations.
Nanomedicines to treat marine animal disease investigated
Mexico Mexican scientists are analyzing the feasibility of using silver nanoparticles to treat diseases that affect commercially interesting marine animals and that are bred via aquaculture techniques, such as shrimp, abalone, oyster and different fish species.