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Shrimp exports reached a record high in the first 5 months of this year

ECUADOR | Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Along with India and Vietnam, Ecuador is currently one of the largest shrimp exporting and...


Strong growth of landings and exports of squid foreseen after reopenin
Peru | 02:50 | The Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) estimates that the landings of squid (Dorytheutis gah... Full Story
IPNLF & ISSF launch first practical reference guide for pole-and-line
United Kingdom | 02:00 | A new guidebook detailing science-based best-practices for maximising catch value and also... Full Story
Oceana denounces potential UII fishing across the Mediterranean Sea
Albania | 01:30 | Oceana unveils potential cases of illegal, unreported and poorly regulated fishing in the ... Full Story
A Solid Alternative for Plastic and Polystyrene Packaging
Solidus Solutions' solid board is 100% recyclable, an environmentally friendly and sustainable material which is ideal for packaging fresh fish, round fish and salmon.
Walton Family Foundation Awards Two-Year Grant to Seafood Nutrition Partnership
The grant will support initiatives that ultimately educate consumers about sustainable seafood, ensuring delicious meals that are healthy for them and the health of the oceans.
Publix Leads the Way in Transparent Seafood Practices
In a continuing effort to support seafood sustainability, supermarket Publix has further collaborated with the SFP and the GSSI to identify issues impacting sustainability in the seafood industry.
Seafood Progress, SeaChoice’s Online Reporting Program Sees Canadian Retailers Increasing Seafood Transparency
Canada’s online resource for tracking major food retailers’ sustainable seafood commitments shows that they have progressed in many ways, but important work remains to ensure they flex their purchasing power.
Brexit Party MEP called for EU fishing vessels to be 'sunk like Belgrano'
United Kingdom A Brexit Party MEP has called for the Royal Navy to sink EU fishing vessels that enter a 200 mile exclusion zone around the United Kingdom. The policy would see EU boats as far away as France's Bay o...
Ocean Fish to acquire controlling interest in business partner
United Kingdom The Directors  of  Ocean Fish (Vistgate Limited) have  reached  an  agreement  with W Stevenson & Sons Limited to acquire a controlling interest in the business...
Minister of Economy vows to mull postponing giant squid law
Chile Minister of Economy Juan Andrés Fontaine met yesterday with representatives of industrial fishing workers and artisanal purse seine fishermen from the whole country. Both sectors, which represe...
Dongwon launches new tuna fishing vessel 'Jubilee'
South Korea Dongwon Industries, the country's largest deep-sea fishing company, has launched today its latest purse seiner, Jubilee, to modernize its increasingly aging fleet. The 2,200-ton vessel, launched to c...