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PRESS RELEASE: EAS events in Cork and Madeira in 2021 – an update

EUROPEAN UNION | Wednesday, July 08, 2020
You will probably have seen that there will be no Aquaculture Europe event this year. Howe...


Prices │ Snow crab (Opilio) │ Newfoundland │ 2018-19-20
Canada | 15:00 | Source: FIS.com | Click to enlarge it     editorial@fis.com w... Full Story
Yanmar to Develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell System for Maritime Applications
Japan | 07:00 | Osaka - Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary Yanmar Power Technology Co., Ltd. hav... Full Story
23% of Spaniards have increased delivery consumption in restaurants du
Spain | 00:10 | · The II Barometer of Trends in Restaurants, promoted by Unilever Food Solutions, F... Full Story
Albertsons Own Brands Celebrates Sustainability Milestone
Albertsons Companies has announced that 100 percent of the seafood in its BISTRO® and Open Nature® lines of Own Brands products will soon display the Responsible Choice™ logo for sustainable sourcing.
Certified Seafood Collaborative Takes Ownership of RFM Certification Program
The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute officially handed over ownership after a six-month period of transition following over ten years of dedication to developing the robust and independent certification for the industry.
BioMar Scales Up RAS and Fry Feed Production in Denmark
The new production line dedicated to RAS and fry aquaculture feed production and has enabled BioMar to increase the annual capacity of the Danish facility by 25%.
Give Your Products the Best Possible Presentation
Smart Packaging Solutiions has the technology and printing techniques to give products such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fish the best possible presentation.
Bristol Bay fishermen await word on Pebble Mine permit at the height of fishing season
United States The biggest red salmon run in the world is building at Bristol Bay. Up to 50 million fish could surge into its eight river systems in coming weeks, on par with past seasons. When it’s all done,...
New knowledge about salt fish production
Norway Now a salt status has been created for the salt quality used for clipfish and salt fish production, and how the salt can affect the finished fish product. A prototype for cleaning and washing salt for...
Volumes and prices | Main fresh fish: Skipjack, sardine, mackerel, saury and squid | Tokyo Markets (May-2020)
Japan Source: FIS.com | Click to enlarge it editorial@fis.com www.fis.com...
World’s first full scale ammonia engine test - an important step towards carbon free vessels
Finland The project leaders pictured at the Sustainable Energy Catapult Centre’s test facility at Stord, Norway The technology group Wärtsilä, in close customer cooperation with Knutsen OAS Shipping AS a...