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The government presents fishery exports as support for its management

ARGENTINA | Monday, August 15, 2022
The liquidation of 300 million dollars that the government announced as an act of support ...


Vietnam pangasius exports to the EU – an optimistic forecast for the w
Viet Nam | 01:40 | VASEP, the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers, reports that by mid-Jul... Full Story
Until July, imports of frozen Coho salmon from Chile increased signifi
South Korea | 01:40 | By July 2021, only 40 tons were imported, but in 2022, 3,511 tons were imported, an increa... Full Story
Deliveries of Kamchatka salmon to China soared 9 times
Russian Federation | 01:10 | Since the beginning of 2022, the volume of exports of goods from Kamchatka to China ha... Full Story
Nocera Announces Nasdaq Listing
The fully integrated sustainable seafood company with a focus on operating land-based RAS has announced pricing of USD 6.58 Million public offering, Nasdaq listing and reverse stock split.
Bluu Seafood Presents First Cultivated Seafood Products in Europe
Bluu Seafood's fish fingers and fish balls contain cultivated fish cells as the main ingredient and have been enriched with plant proteins to optimize cooking behavior and mouthfeel.
Parkside Collaborates with Iceland on World's-First Recyclable Paper Pack for Frozen Food
Iceland’s Northcoast products were previously packed in an LDPE bag but, following the project with Parkside, they are now packed in a specially developed recyclable paper pouch with excellent grease and oil resistance.
Seafood Bowls from the Freezer to the Microwave to the Table in 5 Minutes
Frozen at the peak of freshness - Aqua Star's MicroSteam® bowls were created to offer you a smarter eating choice while balancing all of life's commitments. Premium ingredients, delicious flavors and wholesome recipes.
Korean octopus imports continue to rise
South Korea Frozen Octopus Imports/Amount Increase By July 2022, 724,699 tons of seafood were imported, of which 1,497 tons, or 0.21%, were imported for frozen octopus. In 2021, the previous year, 1,019 ton...
Costa Rica Finally Passes Tuna Reform Law
Costa Rica After three years of being bounced around between two sets of representatives from congress, the Tuna reform law finally became law. There are two parts of the law which are important to the sport fis...
FHF Project: Microbiological quality of whitefish roe
Norway Roe from whitefish is a product that many people are familiar with, but knowledge of how roe should be processed and looked after is less well known. What affects the quality of roe and what is partic...
Chinese Retailer Qdama Commits to Sourcing BAP Seafood
China The following is an excerpt from an article published by Global Seafood Alliance: Chinese retailer Qdama has pledged to source seafood from Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)-certified producers as&nbs...