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Fresh-Flo Corporation
  Date: Wednesday, August 08, 2018  8/8/2018 11:45:14 PM

Detailed Selling Lead Description

Subject: aquaculture - Offer - Transport Aerators | live fish


Fresh-flo's two transport aerators (Model TT and Model DT) are outlined below.
Contact us for more details. View complete price list.

Fresh-flo Model TT Transport Aerator

The Model TT is designed for use in fresh water or salt water. It is the best
transport aerator on the market today! For deep tanks, we can lengthen the
aerator for better water turnover.

Model TT Specifics

1. Fish Transport Tank Aerator - Our Model TT Aerator is designed for many
years of dependable use on your transport tank. This 12 volt aerator provides
positive aeration for tanks of various sizes. Used by many tank designers and
manufacturers, Model TT can be found on transport trucks in every state!
Whether you haul fish for long distances or short, Model TT provides aeration to
make sure your fish arrive at their destination lively and healthy.

2. Improved Motor - After several years of testing, we are now offering an
incredibly dependable, long-life motor for Model TT built exclusively for Fresh-
flo Corp. This motor is built to be long lasting in any kind of weather. And, as an
added bonus, it is priced the same as our previous motor. As always, the
motors will fit on aerators that were originally equipped with other style motors.
Aerator comes with a 24” power cord.

3. Pump Capacity - Model TT comes with a standard pump capacity of 75
gallons per minute. For smaller fish, we can provide the Model TT with a 45
GPM capacity.

Model DT Transport Aerator

Model DT aerators are designed for use on transport tanks where electric
power is available. You will find Model DT to be an excellent source of aeration
for your transport needs. It is used by many tank designers and manufacturers
and is found on transport tanks throughout the country.

Model DT Specifics

1. Raceway or Recirculating System Aerator - Operating with a 1/6 hp. motor at
115 gallons per minute pump capacity, Model DT can also be used in raceways
or recirculating systems. This aerator is small enough to fit in many systems
and dependable enough to last for years of trouble free operation.

2. Fresh Water or Salt Water Aerator - Fresh-flo Model DT can be used in
fresh water (aerator on left above) or saltwater (aerator on right above). For the
salt water aerator, we install a motor that has a thicker case specially coated for
salt water and is part of a line of severe duty motors. Custom options are
available to suit your individual needs.

Contact us for more details.

Company Name: Fresh-Flo Corporation
Name: Aerator pond & transport
Address: 3037 Weeden Creek Rd. Sheboygan, Wisconsin. United States
ZIP: WI 53081
Telephone: +1 920-208-1500
Fax: +1 920-208-6533
e-mail: freshflo@excel.net
WEB page: http://www.freshflo.com/