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IN BRIEF - Province agrees to third-party review of fish management

Thursday, July 12, 2018

After hearing the concerns of organizations across the province, the provincial government has agreed to a third-party science review of fish management in Alberta.

Alberta Environment and Parks has been receiving backlash from the angling population since they announced proposed changes to fishing regulations.

Volunteer fisheries biologist Ray Makowecki is part of the Next Step Team (NST), a local group made-up of concerned anglers about fish management in Alberta. He attended a meeting on fish management, along with members of the volunteer biologist group.

Source: Bonyville Noubelle

IN BRIEF - Fishing Net and Aquaculture Cage Market to Register Exponential Compound Annual Growth Rate Through 2026

Monday, February 18, 2019

Coherent Market Insights released a new market study on 2018-2026 Fishing Net and Aquaculture Cage Market with 100+ market data Tables, Pie Chat, Graphs & Figures spread through Pages and easy to understand detailed analysis. At present, the market is developing its presence. The Research report presents a complete assessment of the Market and contains a future trend, current growth factors, attentive opinions, facts, and industry validated market data.

Report offering you more creative solutions that combine our deep geographic experience, intimate sector knowledge and clear insights into how to create value in your business. The research study provides estimates for 2018-2026 Fishing Net and Aquaculture Cage Market Forecast till 2026*.

Source: Oaktribune

IN BRIEF - Drones and big data: the next frontier in the fight against wildlife extinction

Monday, February 18, 2019

Technology is playing an increasingly vital role in conservation and ecology research. Drones in particular hold huge potential in the fight to save the world’s remaining wildlife from extinction. With their help, researchers can now track wild animals through dense forests and monitor whales in vast oceans. The World Wildlife Fund for Nature estimates that up to five living species on earth become extinct every day, making it vital that universities develop new technologies to capture the data that can persuade those in power to act.

The British International Education Association and the Born Free Foundation hosted a conference in January to highlight the importance of technological solutions in protecting vulnerable species and ecosystems. Speakers underlined how technology can help conservation efforts: fixed-wing drones can land on water and circle high above the Indian Ocean to spot whales, rays and illegal fishing, while artificial intelligence-enabled infrared cameras are able to identify members of an individual species or human poachers, even through thick environmental cover.

Source: The Guardian

IN BRIEF - Eel migration mystery that has puzzled ecologists since Aristotle about to be solved

Monday, February 18, 2019

he mystery of eel migration which has puzzled ecologists since Aristotle is about to be solved, the Environment Agency has said as it announced plans to locate their origin.

The critically endangered species travel some 3,700 miles from Europe across the Atlantic Ocean to spawn - but where exactly remains completely unknown.

Researchers claim the eels spawn and die somewhere in the Sargasso Sea, a vast area off the east coast of the United States and north of the Caribbean.

Source: Telegraph


Monday, February 18, 2019

The 14th NASF will commence March 5th in Bergen for 3 days. We expect a great turnout with delegates attending from more than 30 countries, to join the world’s biggest executive business arena for the seafood industry.
The NASF opening session will feature Policy Makers addressing important issues related to world trade, oceans  and climate change along with key industry captains.

The NASF 2019 conference will continue to focus on world seafood trade and market access – highlighting the ever-increasing importance of the seafood industry in world food trade. By attending NASF you will receive insights into vital developments forming the future of the industry. The NASF arena has become a renowned centre for business – as we say: “Come and do business where business is”.

IN BRIEF - Clearwater Welcomes MSC Audit of Offshore Lobster Fishery

Monday, February 18, 2019

Following a request from Clearwater to advance the timing of the annual audit of the fishery, today the conformity assessment body Lloyd’s Register announced its decision to undertake its annual surveillance audit of the Eastern Canadian offshore lobster fishery in compliance with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in April.

In the interest of transparency, and to acknowledge stakeholder concerns, Clearwater welcomes the full review of the offshore lobster fishery. All stakeholders have an opportunity to participate in the audit process. The site visit for the audit will take place the week of April 8th 2019—earlier than the regularly scheduled annual review, which is typically done in June.

IN BRIEF - Sea Shepherd’s M/Y Steve Irwin retires after a life defending the oceans

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sea Shepherd’s flagship vessel the M/Y Steve Irwin has conducted multiple campaigns in defense of the world’s oceans, from protecting pilot whales in the Faroes, blue fin tuna in the Mediterranean, and humpback whales off the Kimberley coast, to shutting down six illegal Chinese drift-netters in the South Indian Ocean, and six illegal tooth fish poachers in the Southern Ocean. Not least, it has conducted nine Antarctic whale defence campaigns in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary helping save over 6,000 whales from the illegal Japanese whaling fleet. The Steve Irwin has safeguarded one of the last large intact marine ecosystems on the planet in the Great Australian Bight (knocking out BP and Chevron), most recently visiting the Great Barrier Reef in opposition of the Adani coal mine.

Prior to Sea Shepherd obtaining the M/Y Steve Irwin, it served as a Scottish fisheries patrol vessel, built in 1975. So, in essence, the Steve has been defending marine wildlife its whole life. Sea Shepherd has always taken great pride and appreciation in getting permission from the Irwin family to rename our ship the Steve Irwin back in 2007, in continuing the legacy and honoring Australia’s great wildlife warrior.

Sadly, our Steve is at the end of its life and we need to retire the vessel. We have reached out to many organisations and governments to look at options such as turning the Steve into a dive site or donating it to a maritime museum.  However, with none of these options eventuating or being practical, the Steve Irwin will be recycled.

Source: Global Lead

IN BRIEF - Phosphoproteomic analyses of kidneys of Atlantic salmon infected with Aeromonas salmonicida

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Aeromonas salmonicida (A. salmonicida) is a pathogenic bacterium that causes furunculosis and poses a significant global risk, particularly in economic activities such as Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) farming. In a previous study, we identified proteins that are significantly upregulated in kidneys of Atlantic salmon challenged with A. salmonicida.

Phosphoproteomic analyses were conducted to further clarify the dynamic changes in protein phosphorylation patterns triggered by bacterial infection. To our knowledge, this is the first study to characterize phosphorylation events in proteins from A. salmonicida-infected Atlantic salmon. Overall, we identified over 5635 phosphorylation sites in 3112 proteins, and 1502 up-regulated and 77 down-regulated proteins quantified as a 1.5-fold or greater change relative to control levels.

Based on the combined data from proteomic and motif analyses, we hypothesize that five prospective novel kinases (VRK3, GAK, HCK, PKCd and RSK6) with common functions in inflammatory processes and cellular pathways to regulate apoptosis and the cytoskeleton could serve as potential biomarkers against bacterial propagation in fish. Data from STRING-based functional network analyses indicate that fga is the most central protein. Our collective findings provide new insights into protein phosphorylation patterns, which may serve as effective indicators of A. salmonicida infection in Atlantic salmon.

Source: Nature

IN BRIEF - Frozen Food Market Will Target Emerging Markets Over 2018-2025

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Freezing food preserves it from the time it is prepared to the time it is eaten. Since early times, farmers, fishermen, and trappers have preserved grains and produce in unheated buildings during the winter season. Freezing food slows down decomposition by turning residual moisture into ice, inhibiting the growth of most bacterial species. In the food commodity industry, there are two processes: mechanical and cryogenic (or flash freezing).

The freezing kinetics is important to preserve the food quality and texture. Quicker freezing generates smaller ice crystals and maintains cellular structure. Cryogenic freezing is the quickest freezing technology available due to the ultra low liquid nitrogen temperature 196 C (320 F).

Source: Honest Version

IN BRIEF - Feds provide AUD 250,000 for market research and development in establishing sugar kelp industry in Cape Breton

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

PETIT-DE-GRAT, N.S. - Three Cape Breton sea farms will explore market opportunities into the seaweed aquaculture industry over the next few years.

The federal government, through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, announced Tuesday afternoon in Petit de Grat, Richmond County, that it would provide AUD 248,816 in support of the Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia’s development of a burgeoning sugar kelp industry in Cape Breton.

The association will conduct on-site trials at Premium Seafoods in Arichat, Bounty Bay Shellfish in St. Anns and Louisbourg Seafoods’ Cape Breton Bivalve Inc. facility in Englishtown.

Source: Cape Breton Post

IN BRIEF - Work to identify obstacles for endangered fish in Wellington

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Many native fish species are declining in the Greater Wellington region in part because they are having trouble swimming through our waterways - and Greater Wellington Regional Council and Porirua City Council are partnering to address the issue.

The two councils have contracted students to assess the health of local Porirua streams, including locating potential barriers to fish passage. All data is being entered into a centralised national database via the app "NIWA Citizen Science".

Barriers found so far include man-made structures such as culverts and historic water supply weirs which span the width of a stream and may be difficult for some fish species to climb or swim over.

Source: Voxy

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Fish processing plant inaugurated in San Antonio Oeste
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IN BRIEF - Fishing Net and Aquaculture Cage Market to Register Exponential Compound Annual Growth Rate Through 2026
United Kingdom
Feb 18, 20:00 (GMT + 9):
IN BRIEF - Drones and big data: the next frontier in the fight against wildlife extinction
United Kingdom
Feb 18, 20:00 (GMT + 9):
IN BRIEF - Eel migration mystery that has puzzled ecologists since Aristotle about to be solved
Feb 18, 20:00 (GMT + 9):
Feb 18, 10:00 (GMT + 9):
IN BRIEF - Clearwater Welcomes MSC Audit of Offshore Lobster Fishery
Feb 16, 02:50 (GMT + 9):
PNA wide-ranging operatiron to assist ships that collided near Argentine waters

PNA wide-ranging operatiron to assist ships that collided near Argentine waters
Argentina The Argentine Naval Prefecture is deploying a wide-ranging operation to assist the Chinese flagged Zhongyuanyu 11 vessel and the Spanish fishing vessel Pesca Vaqueiro, which for reasons under investigation, collided at 9 nautical miles outside the Argentine EEZ.
EU will totally ban 'electric fishing' from 2021
European Union The European Parliament and the UE member states reached an agreement to fully ban electric fishing in all waters, including those outside the EU, by 30 June 2021.
Ecuador gets international support to increase its jack mackerel quota
Ecuador Ecuador has obtained the unanimous support of the member countries South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization for Peru to reconsider agreeing to increase the jack mackerel quota of the biomass it shares with its neighbor in jurisdictional waters of the SPRFMO.
Supreme Court rules Svalbard snow crab belongs to Norway
Norway The Norwegian Supreme Court ruled that snow crab is a sedentary species and, consequently, that Norwegian authorities have exclusive rights to manage the crab stocks in the waters around the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.
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