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Wild Tide offers a large variety of fresh, wild-caught seafood delivered direct to your door.

Wild Tide Seafoods Delivers from the Harbor to Your Home

  (UNITED STATES, 4/1/2024)

Chris Ruvane has spent over 20 years in the commercial fishing industry on both coasts. While fishing Chris noticed that many Americans were missing out on eating the best seafood in the world.

Chris currently owns and operates three fishing boats in Alaska supporting commercial fisheries. Each season, he observes the processing and shipment of most of the seafood internationally. The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute reports that most sales are from exports. Other countries receive two-thirds of the seafood, while the U.S. keeps one-third.

 Chris Ruvane.

Chris also knew that supermarkets and big box stores present most consumers with imported or farm-raised options. Both imported and farm raised seafood are typically lower quality, may contain antibiotics or other less healthy traits.

Many people do not know about the healthier wild caught seafood choices available. These include USA sourced seafood. This would never happen with American beef, so Chris set out to find a solution.

Chris partnered with family member and ecommerce veteran Jay Scannell. Jay has worked in senior positions in technology and operations at online retail companies like SkyMall and Giftcards.com for more than 20 years. The two spent a year studying the seafood industry while developing their business plan.

In 2023, Chris and Jay launched Wild Tide Seafoods, a small family business in the USA. Wild Tide Seafoods ships high-quality fish and shellfish globally to customers' homes with FedEx.

Wild Tide Seafoods wants to teach people about seafood, help commercial fishermen, and encourage sustainable fishing for the future. This will help increase demand for domestic seafood and support fishermen for generations to come.

 All Wild Tide seafood has been harvested using sustainable fishing practices.

"Our customers love our seafood and keep coming back! You can now enjoy Black Cod, a dish popular at great restaurants like Nobu, in your own home using the recipes on our website," Chris said. "Our Bairdi Snow Crab is larger and tastes so much better than the snow crab in your local store. And our Alaska wild caught salmon speaks for itself. Farm raised Atlantic Salmon doesn't come close."

Wild Tide Seafoods also looks to educate consumers on the benefit of freshly caught frozen seafood. Not only is it less expensive in most cases it is also higher quality.

The introduction of micro-misting to more powerful and rapid deep-freeze technologies at lower temperatures, has turned frozen products into a means to capture pristine quality.

 Wild Tide Seasonal box.

As reported in the Washington Post, experts agree about those advances in technology, which can allow consumers to buy fish that is frozen mere hours after being harvested. The "fresh"-looking fish at the counter may be weeks old, and, these days, a good portion of it might be labeled "previously frozen" — all of which means that frozen can be fresher, or at least in better condition.

"Our customer reviews say it best, 'Amazing Quality', 'Never had better', and 'Now a customer for life'. Jay said.

"Our customers inspire us to add more tasty seafood products and share recipes and knowledge from the docks," he said. "Chris has experience in fishing across the USA. I have a background in e-commerce. Together, we can excel in delivering the best seafood to our customers," Jay explained.