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Other Media | SeafoodSource: Aldi UK teases 500 new locations, named 'cheapest supermarket'

Monday, September 11, 2023

Aldi opened its 1,000th?store in the U.K. on 7 September and committed to a new long-term target of eventually operating 1,500 stores across the country.

The discount chain is now Britain’s fourth-biggest grocer, and 1 in every 10 pounds spent at British supermarkets goes through its tills, the company said. The grocer was also the fastest-growing retailer for the fourth month in a row in July, with sales increasing by 21.2 percent in the month compared to the same period a year prior, data consulting company Kantar reported.

Author: Christine Blank / SeafoodSource | read the full article here

Other Media | National Fisherman: Virginia looks to expand blue catfish fishery and processing

Monday, September 11, 2023

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Customer Services (VDACS) - International Marketing Division sponsored a seafood promotional event bringing in international chefs, food critics and writers to visit a blue catfish processing plant on Aug. 30 in Hampton, Va.

The group toured the processing plant of L. D. Amory Company Inc. one of only three blue catfish processing plants in the state.  Meade Amory of Armory Seafood explained to the group that during the 1970s and ‘80s blue catfish were introduced to the James, Rappahannock and York river basins as a new recreational fish by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources. Blue cats are native to Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri rivers.

The catfish quickly spread throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed into nearly every major tributary and are now being seen in North Carolina waters too, says Amory.[...]

Author/Source:  Larry Chowning/National Fisherman

IN BRIEF - A Danish fisherman cost the F/V 'Astrid' too much... three quarters of a million!

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Only two of the crew of five satisfied the Participant Act's requirements for residence. It was one too little. As a result, a catch value of three quarters of a million was confiscated.

The Directorate of Fisheries  carried out an inspection upon landing from the fishing vessel Agderbåten Astrid at Myre Fiskemottak AS on 28 February this year. As part of the control, it was investigated whether the requirements of the Participating Act for the crew's place of residence were met

Here Astrid arrives at the fisheries reception where the inspectors from the Directorate of Fisheries are waiting. Photo Directorate of Fisheries/fiskerimagasinet -->

Advance notice of confiscation was read on the same day that the directorate sent it, without any objections to the notice. As a result of this, the Directorate of Fisheries decided in July to confiscate the value of the catch harvested on the trip in question, a total of NOK 754,422.75 (U$D 70,635).[...]

Author/Source: Terje Engo/fiskerimagasinet (translated from original in norwegian)

IN BRIEF - Good luck with Japan's fishing industry!

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Never extinguish the light of fisheries' SANKO Group supports Japan's fisheries with all its might every day.

SANKO MARKETING FOODS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shigehiro Nagasawa; Securities Code: 2762; hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), which is engaged in both the food and beverage business and the marine products business, has been operating in Japan on a daily basis. In order to contribute to the fishing industry in Japan, we are working as fishermen on the coast to revitalize production areas.

This time, they will set up a consultation desk at the Toyosu Market wholesaler (Sogo Foods Co., Ltd.) and promote the active use of local ingredients at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries' Afu cafeteria, our own stores, and fishery retailers.

IN BRIEF - Chinese scientists discover 'sea granary' in Antarctica

Saturday, September 09, 2023

Recently, the Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition team discovered a sea area rich in marine biological resources on the edge of Antarctica , which can be called the "sea granary" of Antarctica.

According to reports, there are at least 10 species of fish, 2 species of birds, and several species of seals and whales living in this sea area. Among them, Antarctic krill reserves are particularly abundant, estimated to be as high as 1 billion tons.

Krill are considered a keystone species by scientists, vital to the Antarctic food chain and a major source of nutrition for whales, seals, penguins, seabirds, squid and fish.

At the same time, Antarctic krill has extremely high nutritional value and has a tonic effect on weak bodies, pregnant women and children. Because of its large biomass and high nutritional value, Antarctic krill is known as the "gold mine of the sea" and is regarded as the "future granary" for mankind to alleviate the resource crisis.

Today, as global marine life faces threats from human activities, Antarctica's ecosystem remains pure and stable due to its scarcity. Scientists call for sustainable management and protection of this precious resource to ensure its long-term use and create a better future for future generations.

Source: Zhejiang Zhoushan International Agricultural Products Trade Center (translated from original in chinese)

IN BRIEF - Japan's Fishery Exports to China Plunge 23 Pct in July

Friday, September 08, 2023

Tokyo, (Jiji Press)--Japan's exports of fishery products to China plunged 23.2 pct from a year earlier to 7.7 billion yen in July, government data showed Tuesday.

The sharp drop came as China tightened quarantine controls on aquatic and other products from Japan in July, ahead of the start of the release into the sea of treated water containing radioactive tritium from Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc.'s crippled Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant.

By category, exports to China dropped 40 pct for scallops and 60 pct for tuna and bonito.

Fishery exports to China are feared to shrink further after China imposed a blanket ban on imports of aquatic products from Japan following the start late last month of the treated water release.

The Japanese government is rushing to reduce the domestic fishery industry's dependence on the Chinese market. On Monday, it unveiled a package of measures to help producers of scallops and other items develop new sales channels and strengthen domestic processing capabilities.

Related news:


IN BRIEF - 46 escaped aquaculture salmon found in New Brunswick river

Friday, September 08, 2023

The Atlantic Salmon Federation wants answers after removing 46 escaped aquaculture salmon from the Magaguadavic River in New Brunswick since Aug. 1.

Farmed fish pose a serious threat to wild Atlantic salmon in the Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of Maine, the organization said. The two types of fish have significant genetic differences, and with spawning season nearing it is of particular concern. The breeding of farmed fish with wild salmon can result in weaker wild stock.

Atlantic Salmon Federation biologist Heather Perry holds a large escaped aquaculture salmon removed from the Magaguadavic River fishway in August. Credit: Courtesy of Cailie Fernie / Atlantic Salmon Federation -->

“We have reported our discoveries to officials in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, but we haven’t received any information about what, if anything, they are doing to protect wild salmon from these escapes,” said Jonathan Carr, ASF’s vice president of research and environment.[...]

Autohr/Source: Pete Warner/BDN, Bangor Daily News

EN BREVE - El arrastrero Nordan regresa a casa

Friday, September 08, 2023

The trawler Nordan was bought at a time when many shipowners are struggling financially.

Tens of millions of NOK have been invested in the vessel. And the owner has connected skilled fishermen as chairman and general manager. The 33.75 meter long trawler is now in the middle of Skagerrak, and as it appears on AIS, has started trawling in the middle of Skagerrak.

Currently, the trawler Nordan is equipped with rights that give it the opportunity to fish for blue whiting and shrimp. The rights give the opportunity to fish 175 tonnes of lue whiting south of the 62nd parallel and eight tonnes of prawns per quarter. There is reason to believe that the trawler will be granted more rights in due course.

Changed name to Nordan Fiskeri AS

It was RH Fiskeri AS in Kristiansand that bought the Danish trawler "Borkumrif" earlier this year. In June, the shipping company changed its name to Nordan Fiskeri AS and then moved its address to Lindesnes. At the same time as the change of address, the well-known southern fishermen Edvard August Fjeldskår Reidar Svendsen at Lindesnes have respectively become chairman of the board and general manager of the shipping company. [...]

Author/source: Terje Engø/Fiskerimagasinet (translated from original in norwegian)

IN BRIEF - The Norwegian Seafood Council restructures

Friday, September 08, 2023

After almost a year in the chief's chair, managing director Christian Chramer is making changes to the way the Seafood Council is organised.

"We always strive for improvements and want to accommodate the feedback we receive from the industry. One of these points has been to make it even clearer who is the contact point for industry-specific questions and who leads and coordinates processes internally", explains Christian Chramer in a press release.

The changes came into force at the beginning of September. They will help ensure a better dialogue between the Seafood Council's units and coordinate internal and external processes.

"There has probably been a perception that it has been too complicated to get in touch with the right people with us when it comes to species-specific questions", says Chramer.

The new roles do not have budget or personnel responsibility. They are linked to the Seafood Council's department for Global Operations, which is headed by Børge Grønbech. [...]

Source: Norwegian Seafood Council

Other Media | FishFocus: Lerøy invests in Norwegian seafood plant

Friday, September 08, 2023

Lerøy is investing 158 MNOK in a seafood processing plant at Kjøllefjord in Norway.

“This is a significant investment for the seafood producer Lerøy, for Kjøllefjord and for Eastern Finnmark. This investment means securing year-round jobs and operations at the plant, as well as good ripple effects in the local community,” says Børge Soleng, CEO of Lerøy Norway Seafoods.

Lerøy has now decided to invest 158 MNOK in the factory located in Kjøllefjord. 

Source: FishFocus | read the full article here

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