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Other Media | fishfarmingexpert: A Titanic error for Leo?

Monday, April 01, 2024

First Nations in western Canada have criticised Hollywood star and environmental and Indigenous rights campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio for a lack of knowledge and “cherry picking” which Indigenous rights he supports after he called for the closure of salmon farms in British Columbia.

In a social media post on Instagram, DiCaprio – star of Titanic and many other blockbuster movies - encouraged his 62.1 million followers to support a campaign by anti-salmon farming group Wild First. The group, backed by wealthy investor and sport fisherman Tony Allard, wants to stop BC salmon farm licences being renewed next year, in a move that would cost thousands of jobs and devastate remote First Nations communities that rely on the industry for work and income.

Source: fishfarmingexpert l Read the full article here

Other Media | EuropaAzul: Wärtsilä receives a growing number of lawsuits in Russia

Monday, April 01, 2024

At least five shipyards have filed lawsuits in Russian courts against the Finnish leader in engines and propulsion systems for denial of supply. These claims, worth more than €11 million, are unlikely to succeed given that Wärtsilä is applying international sanctions and that all of these Russian shipyards belong to the state naval group USC, which is itself subject to sanctions.

11,277 million euros is the amount of the claims already known in Russia against Wärtsilä after the acceptance by local courts of the appeals presented by the Admiralty, Baltisk and Severnaya shipyards, all of them located in the Saint Petersburg region.

Source: EuropaAzul l Read the full article here

IN BRIEF - Shiya Aoki takes over as the new president of Nichimo

Monday, April 01, 2024

Shinya Aoki, who previously served as director, CEO and head of marine business, will become the new president of Nichimo (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, president: Kazuaki Matsumoto), a major seafood trading company.
President Matsumoto will take over as representative director and president. A formal decision is expected to be made at the annual general meeting of shareholders on June 21, followed by the board of directors.
Mr. Aoki, born in Iwate Prefecture and aged 61, graduated from the Faculty of Fisheries of Hokkaido University in March 1985 and joined the company in April of the same year. April 2018 CEO, Fukuoka Branch Manager and April 2020 CEO, General Manager of Materials Business Headquarters.

Source: NIKKEI

Other Media | Industrias Pesqueras: Portugal establishes the number of sardines to be caught in 2024 at 37,642 tons

Monday, April 01, 2024

Portugal has established management measures for sardine fishing, setting a maximum catch and landing limit at 37,642 tonnes (66.5%), in accordance with the global catch limit of 56,604 tonnes agreed by Portugal and Spain in the framework of shared management in Ibero-Atlantic waters of zones VIIIc and IXa of the ICES and the Multiannual Management Plan for the Iberian Sardine (2021-2026), approved by the European Commission.

Source: Industrias Pesqueras l Read the full article here

Other Media | Fish Focus: Salmon products recalled due to possible presence of listeria

Monday, April 01, 2024

Salmon products recalled due to possible presence of listeria.  New Zealand Food Safety is supporting food company Matakana Smokehouse in its recall of a specific batch of two of its salmon products due to the possible presence of listeria monocytogenes.

Affected products are as follows:
Matakana Smokehouse NZ brand Citrus Gravlax (variable sizes) – Use By 10-04-24
Matakana Smokehouse NZ brand Kaffir Gravlax (variable sizes) – Use By 10-04-24

Gravlax is cured salmon.

Source: Fish Focus l Read the full article here

Other Media | SeafoodSource: Marks & Spencer named top UK performer on decapod crustacean welfare

Monday, April 01, 2024

"The U.K. seafood industry has an opportunity to lead the world in decapod welfare standards"

U.K. retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) has been named the top performer in the second edition of Crustacean Compassion’s benchmarking report on decapod crustacean welfare.

Conducted by West Sussex, U.K.-based Chronos Sustainability, the report, “The Snapshot,” outlines 30 seafood companies’ performances related to the welfare of crabs, lobsters, prawns, and nephrops in their supply chains

Author: Nicki Holmyard / SeafoodSource l Read the full article here

IN BRIEF - Plenty of space in the new Plugge Zeevis building

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Sea fish wholesaler Plugge Zeevis organized an open house on March 25 for the new business premises in the port area of ??Scheveningen. Customers, suppliers, family and friends were invited to view the building.
Plugge Zeevis moved the business premises from the beginning of the Visafslagweg to the end. Owners Dirk and Wim Plugge proudly showed the new larger business premises to invited guests with an open house. The brothers received visitors at the Scheveningen Fish Auction opposite the new building, which had been transformed into a party room for the occasion. There the brothers were showered with congratulations and gifts.
Plugge customers from various countries took a look at the new building. Visitors were amazed by the space offered by the new building. A larger walk-in cooler, a larger dining room, more office space and a meeting room.
The logos of Plugge's Puur, the own production line that Plugge Zeevis launched in 2020, are on the doors of the coldstorage.
For now everyone is happy with the new building. The inauguration was celebrated while enjoying a snack and a drink. And of course a piece of fish couldn't be missing.
Source: vismagazine.nl (translated from the original in Dutch)

IN BRIEF - Argentina's 'star' products see good prices for 2024

Sunday, March 31, 2024

The current demand for Argentine shrimp has been high due to Easter. As production is low in Argentina, especially at ground-freezing plants, prices for finished products are rising. Cold storage stocks in Europe are low and FAO GLobefish expects prices to continue rising through 2024.
Squid prices remained stable in the initial months of 2024, with some greater demand for large sizes. Prices rose in view of the Easter sales and now, South African squid is selling at approximately EUR 1.00 per kg higher than a month ago, so it is expected that the prices of Illex squid from Argentina will also show a gradual increase in prices.
In the case of hake (hubbbsi), prices are expected to continue rising largely because logistical problems continue to be experienced for cargo shipments through the Panama and Suez canals and that the World Container Index (WCI) , is 1,300 USD more than the level of March 2023. Likewise, the fall in inflation in the Euro zone and the drop in interest rates keep domestic consumption and tourism very active.
Source: FAO Globefish/FIS

IN BRIEF - FAO Globefish March European Price

Sunday, March 31, 2024

From Holy week and Easter, the main consumption period for fishery products in Europe, is being celebrated early this year.

Traders are stocking up quickly, as cold storage holdings in Europe are low for all major products. This strong demand is leading to higher prices in all leading markets. Notably, shrimp has suddenly regained popularity, after bleak demand which had characterized the whole of 2023; accordingly, its prices increased sharply. With regard to tuna, a decline in the prices of raw material revived demand for canned tuna, as processors were able to offer lower price levels.

Meanwhile, logistics problems continue to be experienced for shipments of cargo through both the Panama and Suez Canals. It should be noted that the World Container Index (WCI), which decreased by 20 percent between February 2024 and March 2024 to USD 3 160, is USD 1 300 higher than the level in March 2023.

In the long run, this is expected to result in higher prices of seafood such as tilapia, pangasius, hake, and shrimp. The Euro area annual inflation rate was 2.8 percent in January 2024, down from 2.9 percent in December 2023. Comparatively, a year earlier, the rate was 8.6 percent. European Union annual inflation was 3.1 percent in January 2023, down from 3.4 percent in December 2022. In this European Fish Price Report, 48 percent of the prices did not change compared with February 2024, with some rises noted for 27 percent of seafood products and declines for 25 percent.

Read the full report here

IN BRIEF - Père & Fish is launching a franchise!

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Père & Fish is a restaurant specializing in fish burgers and street food, located in Paris. Many comments highlight the quality of the fish burgers offered, as well as the fish and chips and fried specialties. The dishes are prepared with fresh market fish, from sustainable fishing. The restaurant is appreciated for its friendly atmosphere, its nice decoration, and its fast food service.

Imagine yourself with your friends in class, you are working on a restaurant concept as a group project and your teachers are so enthusiastic that they advise you to give it a go…

Continue to imagine that a year after opening, your teachers were not wrong and that you are about to launch a franchise of your restaurant.

That's the summary of the story of the Père et Fish restaurant opened in September 2018. Ava, Anthony, Charles and Alex are about to achieve their dream: Becoming the first French Gourmet Fish Burger chain.

Père & Fish

is launching a franchise!

They have put our heart and soul into making the best recipes as easy as possible to serve to our fish lovers. And now they make it possible for anyone with a passion for restaurants and fish to do the same!

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